Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Cries of Gaza

After reading the article “Boycott what?” by Dzof Azmi, it motivated me to respond to requests for comments on the Boycott American Products recommendations started by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Actually what Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggested was not a complete BOYCOTT of American goods.

Walk into a shop and if you see a can of Coke, tell yourself that you should not buy a can of Coke. Perhaps buy a bottle of mineral water (which is of course Malaysian made).

If you are hungry and you want to eat a burger, why not buy a burger from local sellers like those Burger Ramli stalls instead of McDonald’s?

We all have choices.

Supporting Coke or McDonald’s of course does not mean a support for Israel. However, Israel is heavily backed by the United States of America, the kingmakers.

Look at China (Shanghai skyline above). Do you really think the Chinese became rich with their ability? It was the United States who discovered the cheap labour there and decided to throw money into China and purchase their goods.

Think about the economic sanctions, occupation of sovereign countries, and embargoes. What about the United Nations?

All these occur at the pleasure of the United States of America. Of course not all Americans are bad, but the American politics and Government is indeed highly questionable in terms of ethics, morality, economics and policies.

Hitting American goods hard with a boycott up to a certain degree will surely put pressure to their Government to reconsider their foreign policies.

With American companies tumbling down, and their Government already slapped with a USD 10 trillion debt, American foreign policies will evolve from hooliganism to an internationally friendly country.

The United Nations (above) is nothing but a Eunuch. They can even be described as a No Action Talk Only forum (like NATO) where Government leaders enter the UN building in US with a luxury itinerary in place – five star accommodation, transportation and shopping.

The world leaders will raise their hands to vote for something substantial and in one voice (except for US and their main allies). The Secretariat of UN will then print out official Declarations or Memorandums as a result from the summits or emergency sittings.

The American Government will not value the Declarations or Memorandums. Not even the picture above. In fact, the American Government will file the few sheets of paper and keep it in their cabinets and that is the end of the story.

If China or Russia wants to play an active role, the next thing you know, the Chinese and Russian ambassadors are called up to the White House and will be given an official warning from the United States of America.

When things do not subside, for sure, Beijing and Moscow will have visitors from the Secretary of State’s office and in most cases; the Secretary of State will be there for a cup of tea or a shot of vodka.

The American Government must stop making Israel the king in that region. The world is helpless, but American companies are powerful.

We do not have access to the White House and Washington DC. But we do have access to American products.

We can surely play a role with a reduced spending on American products and support the Buy Malaysian campaign.

A boycott, as suggested by Dr M, is not a complete boycott but a rational consideration when spending your dollar.

If you see an alternative good that is produced in Malaysia next to an American good, why not support the local business while making a point to the White House that you, Mr Ah Beng, want United States to be fair to all?

The Buy Malaysian campaign is also good to sustain our country’s economy when facing the wave of global economic crisis. Money circulation will continue in Malaysia and local businesses will continue to provide employment and cash to Malaysians.

Money must stay in the country and circulated domestically. A dollar for an overseas company will surely see a repatriation of capital or profits back to the foreign country.

Since we know that, why don’t we keep every cent in the country and circulate them domestically?

Buy Malaysian. Buy American last, my fellow Malaysians.

Gaza’s cries are ringing in your ears. If you do not believe me, why not rip the audio from the Palestinians who cry and plead for help?

Use it as your mobile ringtone or play it repeatedly in your speakers. Imagine the Gaza massacre happening in Malaysia.

Listen to the cries and wonder what will you feel if the child crying for aid is your dear son or daughter?

That is the Gaza war and the boycott from A PIECE OF MY MIND.

This Chinese New Year, we smile happily with our wonderful biscuits and we enjoy our chats and laughter with relatives, family and friends regardless of race.

What about the Palestinians who are beginning to walk out of United Nations schools in Palestine only to see their homes are now rubbles and ashes? (A ceasefire has just been agreed by both Hamas and Israel)

Remember. We do not have access to the White House but we do have access to the American goods.

I cry for you, Gaza.

Credits to BBC, Wikipedia, Coca-Cola, NY Times, Wired New York and The Star for the photos.

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Anonymous said...

The United States of America can't handle this crisis alone. It need a lot of countries to co-operate, work together and respect one and another. It take two hands to clap. Every coin there are two sides of the story. Yes, Buy Americans Goods Last. Who's going to lose. It is so easy to says. Stop using your computer, software and other, there are all American Jews Products. Don't trade in US dollars and so long the lists....Did you check, who's running the business for Coke and McDonald's in Malaysia? Sad to says today politics is religion.