Thursday, January 29, 2009

System Error at Kehakiman

I was a little bored a moment ago and browsed the Kehakiman website for some archived judgements.

Among those I searched for include Anwar Ibrahim and Eric Chia. Surprisingly, I came a cross a PPP vs M Kayveas case too.

Upon clicking the searched judgements, I could not access the pages at all.

I did a check and realised that the archiving is messed up a bit. JUDGEMENT was spelled as JUGDMENT.

Someone must inform the Webmaster.

Also, I have waited 24 hours to see my comments at Vasan's blog to be published. My comments were nowhere to be seen but other comments were published.

The blogger reserves the right to moderate comments and I respect that.

I read the website where Vasan got the statistics from. It was none other than a Hindraf4U Blog. Check the contents of the Malaysian Indian Minority and Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2008.

This Report is prepared by the leader who goes around the world while his organization in Malaysia stay unlawful.

Mr P Waythamoorthy, Hindraf Chairperson, continue to claim that Malaysian Indians are sidelined.

I wonder if he can save his money and bring it home to assist the Malaysian Indians in terms of scholarships, education, job opportunites, social welfare and justice.

That, I feel, is better than flying to India, London, United States, Geneva and Brussels.

Nevertheless, if the reports are true, the Malaysian Government especially MIC should be open for investigations. All parties should forge a greater unity and help every Malaysian to progress and prosper.

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