Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warning to Tee Keat's team

Over the past 3 months, I was the ONE AND ONLY (if I am not mistaken) pro Ong Tee Keat blogger and supporter who urged for fresh polls in the Party based on the arguments laid out by those in DS Ong Tee Keat and DS Chua Soi Lek's camp.

Among the arguments laid out were (my comments are in brackets) :

  • The majority of MCA CC and Division leaders backed the GUP (many of them have been labelled as Ong-Chua men, so what's the point ?)
  • Liow Tiong Lai only has the support from the minority (if we feel that he is the minority, why not go for re-election now to allow the "majority" to kick him out of the leadership line up ?)
  • Time for MCA leaders to close ranks (if Liow TL, Wee KS and Chew MF who hold important positions in MCA refuse to be team players, no choice but to re-elect right ?)

These sort of arguments will bring us only to a dead end. OTK and CSL will be cornered and forced to go for fresh polls.

OTK, CSL and their men should have delivered statements and comments in a better manner if any of them were sincerely talking about GUP and not secretly supporting the fresh polls behind the scenes (don't ask me, I won't say much).

Both must push forward and restructure their arguments now :

  • If we go for fresh polls today, we still need to re elect the leadership in 2011 based on Party Constitution. The leadership will not be able to produce results like this and we will be in campaign mode throughout 2010-2011. MCA leaders will be busy talking about internal politics up till 2011.
  • If we want to have fresh polls this year, it must be done by using the DIRECT ELECTIONS system based on a wider platform of voters. Since Liow has argued that he only wants democracy to return to MCA via fresh polls, then Ong-Chua must not show that they are not democratic leaders.

  • In fact, Ong-Chua must OUTDO Liow by being more democratic. This can only be done by pushing Liow to accept a more democratic election method under a widely agreed reforms proposal for MCA. If he says he upholds democracy, we must send the message out that we are MORE DEMOCRATIC !

  • If we want to have fresh polls, doesn't matter today or tomorrow or next year, BOTH Pemuda and Wanita movements must face fresh elections also since the leaders were involved in the crisis. Moreover, both the positions held by Wee KS and Chew MF were handed over to them by their predecessors.

[ Recall that I once wrote this piece of article among many others : Tee Keat's Presidency at stake ]

I hope DS Ong Tee Keat, his aides and supporters around him are wise enough to prepare two things NOW :

If no one can chalk up comprehensive plans for WCSS and PCS, we must be prepared for THE END OF THE STORY.

I can only say "good bye MCA" as I don't think the "old ways" under Liow or some other leaders who are also backed by "old guards of MCA" will work anymore.

Both the WCSS and PCS are important for the incumbent.

I always tell my friends, relatives and family members. If Karl Rove could strategize and put George Bush Jr as President for two terms, why can't we put a high standing Ong Tee Keat into office ?

It ain't easy I agree but right moves, contingency strategies or critical plans will work well towards an incumbent who is also a Minister by the way.

I have sounded the warning bells long ago - DO NOT SEND MIXED SIGNALS TO SUPPORTERS, MEMBERS, AND US BLOGGERS ! But this advice was not heeded I feel.

The inconsistent "message and signals" from the top will only cause a bigger mess and confusion. Be consistent and firm !

So, will fresh polls take place or not now ?

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katdog said...

Lets see how the whole MCA mess turns out. It is likely everything will be resolved soon. UMNO is getting impatient.

I think OTK and CSL is probably the most desirable leaders for MCA. But unfortunately there may be some problems there.

CSL is not well liked by UMNO and there may be 'external' pressure to get rid of him. They already tried once before with the sex-DVD scandal.

Similarly, OTK's handling of the PKFZ may have ruffled some feathers in BN and there may be pressure to get rid of him as well.

So the fortunes of OTK and CSL don't seem all that bright. It will be interesting to see how all this pans out in the end... which rumours indicate will probably be soon.