Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MCA Youth CC must meet

Week after week, I read news about Dr Wee Ka Siong. Some positive, some negative. The negative ones will be the determinants of the political survival of the individual and the Party.

Let me show you some of the headlines made by MCA Youth leader(s).

  1. PKFZ: Wee has 'throughly implicated himself'
  2. Wee’s silence disturbing and puzzling
  3. Phang: MACC must step up probe
  4. MCA Youth chief must explain links with Kuala Dimensi, urges party member
  5. Chia: Wee needs to explain why he’s still on firm’s list
  6. MD: Wee sold off controlling stake in Hijau Sekitar in 2008

Two days ago, Tan Sri Robert Phang hit out at Dr Wee Ka Siong and Bernama for the shortened Bernama TV Live program.

Read more - Live talk show was cut short, says Phang. But Dr Wee responded that he will sue TS Robert on this.

The game of politics today is different from the past. Today, the people talk about accountability, transparency and integrity (ATI).

No one cares if we make a million ringgit today when Government officials and leaders are corrupt. People remain frustrated, unhappy and choose to vote the ALTERNATIVE even though they are inexperienced.

The Youth Leadership will be the next in line to takeover from the Senior MCA body. MCA needs to be sure that they can walk and stand proudly to say - VOTE MCA.

These questions must be answered and be made clear to all.
  1. Do we have confidence in MCA Youth Chief to lead ?
  2. Will he be a liability to MCA in the future ?

No longer can MCA afford to choose leaders with strong support within the Party but fail to win the hearts of Malaysians.

MCA needs leaders who walk the talk.

Since so many scandals or accusations have been thrown at the MCA Youth Chief who will be the next generation of MCA leaders, the Youth Central Committee members must convene an Emergency meeting.

This will provide a platform for the MCA Youth leaders to question the Youth Chief and allow the leaders to hear the explanations personally.

Such a move will provide benefits for the Party instead of us squabbling and slamming each other in newspapers. Face-to-face is still the best method for communication.

Anyway, if you ask me to choose, I would rather see Tan Sri Robert Phang as a leader than any other Chinese NGOs ! (Related : Chinese NGOs must remain apolitical)

Tan Sri Robert Phang, if you are reading this, do join MCA and Barisan Nasional. We need more leaders like you.


wong said...

Great, I got that "excited/scared" feeling. Like 98% excited, 2% scared. Or maybe it's more - It could be two - it could be 98% scared, 2% excited but that's what makes it so intense, it's so - confused. I can't really figure it out.

Anonymous said...

you know why TS RB say those words. Coz he is in the midst of getting projerct from MOTransport. I know coz i work in Ministr of Transport. He will not join MCA. He is just a puppet of the Minister. He want the project from MOT dearly