Friday, January 22, 2010

Penang Dragon Boat Tragedy

"Pulau Pinang : Kerajaan Barisan Nasional abaikan keselamatan rakyat"

"1Malaysia Boat Race Kills"

Let us imagine that it was actually Najib Tun Razak's project. Should we call it 1Malaysia Dragon Boat Race ? Assume that for a moment.

What will the headlines be ? What will Opposition politicians, bloggers and supporters say ? THE ABOVE TWO !

Seriously, I saw a similar version of the above two titles in two blogs - one belonging to a seasoned DAP politician which attacked the Kuala Dipang tragedy.

And some of you left messages or comments in my blog and Facebook saying that DON'T BLAME DAP for the acts of Mother Nature. Blame it on Mother Nature and THE SCHOOL, not DAP.

Please, don't be a hypocrite and talk nonsense. WHO MADE THE DECISION TO CHANGE THE VENUE TO BANDAR SRI PINANG JETTY ?

"But some people in Penang are blaming state Tourism Development and Culture Committee chairman Danny Law for holding the Penang Pesta Open Dragon Boat Race 2009 at Bandar Sri Pinang fishermen’s jetty last December.

That location received objections back in December when there were people injured. Right after the death of 6 recently, DAP Exco immediately cancelled the venue.

DAP was the one who made the decision to have it at a dangerous zone in the first place - objected by sportsmen, fishermen and the Marine Dept, right or wrong ? Read more : Multiple blunders blamed for dragon boat tragedy

Was it Mother Nature, or a result of a STUPID AND DANGEROUS DECISION ? My previous related article : Penang DAP must be held responsible.

Guan Eng has agreed to an inquiry by the way. A full investigation must be carried out and I do not wish to see the country losing students like that.

In economics, losing students carry the meaning that we are potentially losing valuable human capital which could contribute to the country.

So please. Life jackets and precautions please ! Will Parliament and DUN Pulau Pinang discuss this matter and compel the use of life jackets for such activities ?


Frodo Baggins said...


satD said...

Dear Goh..

i speak as a pro in water of the problem with life jackets or personal floating devices is the limited mobility one has during the such most would rather not wear it....

But having said that proper rescue points should have been set up along the path of the race where rescuers could have quick access should one falls into the water....

as always poor management and lack of understanding of the risk involved will lead to an event such as this...

thank you and regards

katdog said...

I guess GWL is completely in agreement that it was the negligence and incompetence of BN that led to the Kuala Dipang tragedy then.

I'm glad that GWL is able to admit to the fallacies and the mistakes of BN.

Anonymous said...

What I can say is Goh can politicize anything, including the death of 6 Chung Ling students. Such incident cannot be blame to anyone because it is out of human control. If you want someone to bare the responsibility, why not you blame the sea? Duh... From your article, it sounds like DAP ask the sea to cause such incident. Don't be so political in everything. It only make you sound desperate. By the way, does it make you sound nobel by pointing finger at someone every time an incident happen?

As for the bridge incident, I believe that it is a human cause. Why? Who built the bridge and who approve such project? Think about it.