Sunday, January 17, 2010

MCA : Who is next in line?

I did some thinking after reading this article - "Rombakan kabinet tidak lama lagi?" . I am not entirely sure but I believe Tee Keat will stay on as MCA President.

He might have lost the cause during the 10-10-10 EGM but he is Constitutionally the MCA President since the motion of no confidence did not receive sufficient support to remove him.

Anyway, I can see that Tee Keat is having a busy schedule these days. The Minister of Transport has already announced many projects, plans and allocations which are all beneficial to the people.

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Now, moving down the list, we have the man placed in charge of Party matters lately - Dr Chua Soi Lek. I have to say this though some might not be comfortable.

Many people told me their opinions that Soi Lek is now the de-facto President of MCA and the man in charge. If you ask me, in some sense yes and in some way no.

Tee Keat is a MCA Minister and wish to use his portfolio to serve the people while leaving Party matters to Dr Chua to handle since he is not in the Government this term. This creates a win-win situation for all where we realise that performance is the key to success for MCA.

Regardless of which perspective we subscribe to, after all, Dr Chua was embroiled in a sex tape scandal.

Although I admit Dr Chua has been a good leader and prioritized performance for the people above politics, I am a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of Dr Chua as MCA President one day.

But let us leave it aside for now and assume that Dr Chua is willing to make way for the next generation of MCA leaders.

So, scrolling down, we have 4 Vice Presidents - Kong Cho Ha, Liow Tiong Lai, Ng Yen Yen and Tan Kok Hong. Of these four, my bet is on Dr Ng Yen Yen. The other 3 VPs might have reached their limits.

  • If MCA's mantle is handed over to Cho Ha, people like RPK and the Opposition will throw links of him to his brother (which I don't know if it is true or not since no one denied it) and ... never mind.
  • If MCA's mantle is handed over to Tiong Lai, do I need to say that he is the cause of MCA Crisis Round Two and many have said that he is overly ambitious ? Why him anyway ?
  • If MCA's mantle is handed over to Tan Kok Hong ... hmm ... again ... why him ?

Among the 4 VPs, analytically, Cho Ha and Tiong Lai are up there with the backing of several Old Knights of MCA also.

Thus far, as far as I know, Yen Yen is strong and confident with results as a yardstick in her portfolios held thus far. Being a Tourism Minister, she was once criticized as the Minister who travelled more than our Foreign Minister.

But with such results - Number of foreign tourists to Malaysia exceeded target , I think she has silenced her critics.

Yen Yen is also quite independent and a successful lady with big support from Wanita MCA. Remember that Chew Mei Fun was "handed" the Wanita MCA Chief position.

Read more : Yen Yen makes an impression , Yen Yen vs Karpal Singh

The current MCA leadership could have been the strongest if not for the Battle of the Warlords and ambitions of the Old Knights for revival of their career.

Thus, to make do and consider the next line up, I foresee a "chai dan" with the following leaders:

- start -

President : Ong Tee Keat
Deputy President : Ng Yen Yen
Vice President : no comments
Sec Gen : Chua Soi Lek

Presidential Council : Mah Hang Soon, Ti Lian Ker, Lee Chee Leong, Heng Seai Kie and Tan Cheng Liang should stay unless the first 3 decide to go up to be Vice Presidents. I can't say I support or reject the others but I think that appointing Chua Tee Yong into the PC can be a good move to ensure that the Youth MCA has two leaders represented in the Council.

- end -

This could lay the path for a stronger MCA in the future.

This batch of new leaders can help revive the fortunes of MCA whereby they are not only outspoken and talented but able to put results, performance and service to the people above self and politics.

Hmm. That is just a piece of my "wild" mind. Will MCA take this idea for the sake of the Party ?


Anonymous said...

I start my rambling today with the introduction of a new term – chingkify

You chingkify a country when you introduce all things chinese -chinese language.
chinese dramas as in tv2,tv8,tv7 and tv3

The dap wants to `chingkify` all malaysians and the country.

According to wiki, middle kingdom is a chingky term to reflect the chingkiness
of the country china. Now the chinamen from dap wants all malaysia chingkified!

Lo and behold the wiki on middle kingdom

China is called Zhōngguó (also Romanized as Chung-kuo or Jhongguo) in Mandarin Chinese. The first character zhōng (中) means “central” or “middle,” while guó (国/國) means “kingdom” or “nation”. The term can be literally translated into English as “Middle Kingdom” or “Central Kingdom.”[1]
The concept of “zhōngguó” – The smallest circle in the middle is the “Tianzi”; surrounding it are two layers of officials. The outmost ring belongs to the vassal states. Outside that is “beyond civilization”, where the Yi, Man, Rong and Di resides.

The name “zhōngguó” first appeared in the Classic of History as the name for “the centre of civilization” or “Tianxia”, depending on the interpretation.[2]. The general concept of the term “zhōngguó” originates from the belief that the Zhou Dynasty is the “centre of civilization” or “centre of the world”, much like the “Middle Earth” concept of Europeans, while the ethnic groups in the four cardinals are called Eastern Yi, Southern Man, Western Rong and Northern Di respectively. However, there are different uses of the name “zhōngguó” in every period. It could refer to the guó (capital) of the Emperor, to distinguish from the guó of his vassals, as in Western Zhou; or it could refer to states in Central China, to distinguish from states in outer regions. It is also used, in later dynasties, by states who see themselves as the “legitimate” successors of previous dynasties, as in the case of the Southern Song Dynasty. Finally, it is used to mean the sovereignty in the traditional area “zhōngyuán (中原)” or “zhōnghuá (中華)”, which both have the same origins, such as in the case of the Republic of China
(“Zhōnghuá Mínguó (中华民国/中華民國)”) and the People’s Republic of China (“Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó (中华人民共和国/中華人民共和國)”).

So do not be lulled with the movie stuff from the middle kingdom of Tolkin.

Anonymous said...

Above: how is it that DAP wants to chingkify malaysia ?? DAP has more english speakers than MCA. It is MCA and BN who wants to malay-fied malays and chinkify chinese - so they can divide and conquer. You faham ka?????????


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APCO’s clients also included millionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was once the youth leader for the Russian Communist Party with links to the mafia.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat weekly Suara Keadilan quoted The Times of India as stating that APCO Worldwide had the capability of re-engineering the image of public figures and leaders who were not popular with the people.

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Loo Fu Kee