Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Penang DAP must be held responsible

When the bridge collapsed in Perak's Kuala Dipang, BN was blamed and held responsible.

When the Dragon Boat race venue was changed by DAP to a new venue and a training recently claimed 6 lives, WHY NO ONE IS SLAMMING DAP ? Everyone lost their voice ?

In fact, back then, bloggers and Opposition were quick to push the blame to Barisan Nasional and 1Malaysia.

The latest Pakatan tune :

So will Pakatan "agitate" any action over the Dragon Boat tragedy in Penang ?

In Penang, the decision to switch the venue was made recently. "Recently" sure meant that the decision was made by the Penang DAP Government, no ?

As a result of this decision, the direct impact saw 6 lives lost. Who will take the responsibility in Penang DAP State Government ? JAWABLAH LIM GUAN ENG ! Why so quiet ?

I didn't hear anyone blaming the teachers or the school for Perak's tragedy. Now, everyone is blaming the negligence of the teachers and the school in Penang.

Washing your hands off the case ?
Read this :

- start -

"Penang Tourism Development and Culture Committee chairman Danny Law said the decision was made after complaints that there were no proper demarcation during the race last December.

“There were complaints about the alignment and the lack of demarcation last December. Because of that, we decided then that the race would no longer be held there,” Law said here yesterday."

Law came under fire for the change in venue last year when a rower was injured after two boats collided during a race.

Commenting on the tragedy, Law said that since early last year, dragon boat teams in the state had been offered free use of the Teluk Bahang Dam on weekends to practise but the out-of-the-way location made it an unpopular choice.

- end -

Dah mati orang baru nak buat pengumuman macam ni ?

Mr Danny Law, if you had made the announcement earlier, I am sure the teachers and students wouldn't have carried out the training there !

Something is also brewing in Penang on the number of overseas travel, total costs, and FDIs obtained per dollar spent on traveling ...

And please, Federal Government and Parliamentarians, can anyone please push an emergency motion or decree an executive decision compelling the use of LIFE JACKETS ?

Condolences and my prayers are with the families of the victims.


vinnan said...

SMK's are under the control of the PPDs. The Penang state government has no say over how the Ministry of Education carries out its job. The awarding of contracts and the approvals for the construction of anything falls under the control of the state governments for the state government controls all land matters within a particular state.

Please compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

Jeffry said...


C L J said...

I supposed thare is an existing ruleing under Merin Dept. Why cant the Department go into investigation ? I dong understand.

MymassaVoice said...

"Ini kerja tuhan pun mahu salahkan saya ka!" - Lim Guan Eng's latest irrational outburst when responding to Ah Goh today.

Anonymous said...

To mr Vinnan...

There's a big different between sekolah bantuan penuh kerajaan and sekolah bantuan this your shelf then you can talk whether there's anything to do with ppd

vinnan said...

There is I now. However, ALL SMK's must abide by standard rules in their curriculum. If the Dragon Boat event is purely the effort of the School then the blame must fall on the headmaster. On the other hand if it is part of the school curriculum then it falls under the PPDs. A state government can only be blamed in areas which it is ABLE TO EXERCISE control. LGE has no control over the SMKs nor does he have any control over the Board of Directors of the semi-aided SMKs. Once more please look at the tragedy objectively and lay blame where blame is due.

Anonymous said...

You are such a cry baby. The school dragon boat was sponsored by a dragon boat club. Obviously, you are too blinded. They have been praticing there for 3 years or more. Grow up! LGE and company didn't even ask them to practice there. Have you gone nuts or what???

Tsk tsk - wanna be a cybertrooper for BN - get your facts first lar

katdog said...

Hmm... Heres a coupla difference between the Kuala Dipang tragedy and the Dragon Boat incident.

- The Kuala Dipang tragedy was caused by shoddy workmanship and negligence of the contractor that constructed the bridge.

- The contractor was contracted by the BN government to construct the bridge that collapsed.

- The incident occured during the 1MALAYSIA camp organized by the BN government.

Now lets compare to the dragon boat tragedy.

- The tragedy was caused by not following proper safety procedures by the dragon boat club.

- The incident occurred during the training stint organized by the dragon boat club.

I think its pretty obvious that the 2 tragedies are different. In the Kuala Dipang incident its obvious BN should take responsibility. It was their contractor, their bridge and their 1Malaysia camp.

However, i also do agree, DAP should take responsibility. As the state government it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of water sports activities in the state. DAP is not the direct cause of the tragedy, but they still have to take responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Race is organised and venue changed by Penang Government. If LGE can oonly outburst, DAP should ask for a Royal Commission. Why diam?????

genesispassion said...

this mother fxxker sell his mother for 1 roti canai ..we boycot his blog or tiew him kau kau

Anonymous said...

There's a big difference between negligence to safety rules and shoddy workmanship as what happened in K.Dipang bridge tragedy.

All you ppl who start slamming each other after a tragedy shd look in the mirror really close and see who you are.. a true Malaysian? Or just a BN lackey.??

Anonymous said...

As an engineer, I am going to definitely agree the blame is the engineer and definitely the blame goes to the person/company that hired him. Let me just say one thing. The engineer was unregistered. A background check wasn't done and I say the blame goes to the person who *Gov* that gave him the contract. They definitely went for the lowest cost. Remember, the government is the client and after the bridge was built, the client didn't say anything.

Anonymous said...

i heard this GWL got hentam kuat kuat in MargeeMar 's blog.

BTW i think Haiti earthquake caused by LGE.


Anonymous said...

Mr.Goh Wei Liang, please do not politicize the matter, imagine if you are in the shoes of those grieved parents.


Anonymous said...

GOH WEI LIANG, shame on you as a chinese running DOG to umno.

Anonymous said...

Guna otaklah

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh,

Lives are lost and you are leveraging on this to gain milleage on your blog for BN. I cannot imagine a lower tactics.

You sold your life for a cup of kopi. May you realise that before your life ends.

Datin Ng

donplaypuks® said...

You must be off your rocker if you are seeking to make political capital out of this tragic incident and blame DAP for it!! Have you no shame as apro-UMNO blogger?

Besides, in the KD bridge disaster, the contractor's drawings did not carry the local authoritie's approval nor was the bridge inspected and given a CIF after installation as required by law.

If that does not put the blame fairly and squarely on the BN MB & State Govt and Education Dept whioch organised the ill-conceived camp, who do you think was negligent? George Bush?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Even a blind knows what nonsense you are talking about....

Anonymous said...

you should have named this blog 'A Piece of My SHIT'

Anonymous said...

you should have named this blog 'A Piece of My SHIT'

Anonymous said...

Padamkanlah artikel pasal 'Penang DAP must be held responsible'. Memang sebuah 'karya' dari orang yg tak berotak & ia agak memalukan.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

as you say as many this n that,

being let me hv a view for all.

in this world. u can't predicted any action of gods.

no risk, no glory
hv risk, hv sad

all be pre-plan and control nicer,
but no exp born for new generation

do any thing what is correct for lead new generation, nor prepare any thing good giving for new generation

question is good, but pointing nor

as our leader make a decision tat "1 Malaysia" so make it together, nor at back do other thing.

1 malaysia,
think malaysia,
glory malaysia,
success all Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

ah goh , u are master in economic ? a school boy also knows our Malaysia economic will be far better if not BN rules for more thna 50 years ,, and u claim so loud your qualification ? shit !!

Anonymous said...

I am so sad for your parents to give birth to such a b*st*rd like you. Disgrace to Chinese Race What A Piece of Shit you have written/blog.

Obviusly they are 2 different cases one is due to corruption and some mfck illegally $profited$ from the construction of the bridge.

Shame on you and your "Morning Bell 18 Pockets"