Friday, January 29, 2010

Pig heads, cow heads, arsonists

Man, I can't take this anymore. Don't stir the hornet's nest and don't fix something which is not broken. Can we please adopt this concept as mainstream thinking ?

We forgot about these during Pak Lah's time and Anwar's political accession among the Opposition parties.

Many attempts were made to fix things which were not broken, to change what seem to be social norms, to amend matters which were already at equilibrium.

Thus, we have the results today. Insecurity, political instability, religious and racial disharmony and all sorts of negativity.

I can only say that blogs are among the main contributors. I see so many blogs writing with anger, hatred and profanities.

Some blogs are "fanning" such emotions professionally ! Many Malaysians are netizens and active blog readers these days. So please, as bloggers, let us be ethical and discuss in a mature and professional setting.

No more pig heads flying around, no more stepping on cow heads, and no more burning of churches. Okay ?

Let those be the sinful acts of irresponsible people and criminals condemned by us all, not politically motivated moves for mileage or election victories !

Having said all these, I have no problems living with Malays, Chinese and Indians in my multiracial neighborhood. We greet each other with smiles and celebrate memorable occasions together - festivals, wedding, etc.

So please, trouble makers, get lost and get out of Malaysia ! Let the rest of us and the majority of Malaysians from all walks of life enjoy the peace, harmony and prosperity in our lives !

We still love our country, Malaysia.

By the way, this is a remarkable improvement - Youth wings from Barisan and Pakatan unite to condemn attacks.

But did Anwar Ibrahim give the greenlight to Pakatan Rakyat Youth to issue a joint statement with BN Youth ?

And THIS was a good message from Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism and MCA President during a meeting yesterday, but why weren't any Muslim scholars or representatives there at Wisma MCA ?

It would have been better if the Muslim scholars were invited (if they were not) or if the Muslim scholars attended (if they declined the invitation).

Just curious. Related - Our reps will continue to champion interests of minority


Anonymous said...

Good idea: "So please, trouble makers, get lost and get out of Malaysia ! Let the rest of us and the majority of Malaysians from all walks of life enjoy the peace, harmony and prosperity in our lives !"

A better way to put is that we should grow up and move away from racism and extremism in any form. But so far I am impressed with the maturity of most Malaysians in condemning this act, though I wish the Government would've been more stern in action before all of this happened.

At least PR is doing what it can to reach out to everyone, like PAS here:
where ALL came.

The joint declaration is something we should be proud of, not mocked upon where DSAI "gives greenlight". I remember Najib and Hishammuddin couldn't "control the frustrations" of the people? I hate to be cynical, but that sentence is irrelevant and shows that you can't consider that people, no matter where they come from, can be sensible at times.

I would love to hear you comment over your idol's statement that 9/11 is staged, and all the comments he put these days. Hardly things that give any benefit for us in the eyes of the world. Have we not been troubled enough already?

Anonymous said...

yes, please respond to the allegations that 9/11 was staged. that's if you can even find evidence

Goh Wei Liang said...

It will come soon :)

Have some guts to identify who you are. Berani cakap, berani tulis, berani tanggung.

Anonymous said...

berani. tapi berani tanpa membuta tuli. unlike most of your posts. purely one sided rubbish. tapislah otak dulu

katdog said...

As Dr. M and his son Mukhriz constantly points out: the problem of racial polarization is due to racially segregated schools such as chinese schools and tamil schools. If only the Indians and Chinese were more appreciative of the gift of citizenship given to them by UMNO and willing to sacrifice their narrow communal needs for the greater good of Malaysia!

I hope BN accelerates the dismantling of chinese and tamil schools for the sake of national unity. Then we would not need to spend RM500 million a year on NS camps to promote racial integration.

katdog said...

Oh no! oh no! Latest news. Khairy Jamaluddin who engineered the remarkable joint statement by the BN-PR youth wings has supposedly been asked to resign as UMNO Youth leader.

One of the supposed reasons was that he had failed to lead the movement in a direction that would be in keeping with the party president’s aspiration.

Obviously the big wigs in UMNO don't like how KJ has been trying to move the youth wing in a more moderate direction.

PM Najib probably don't like the fact that he probably appears more intolerant when put beside KJ's moderate staements. Obviously it does not pay to show up the party president.

The UMNO youth wing is supposed to play the more extremist role so that the UMNO party president can play the 'good' cop.

KJ's days are numbered. Will we see the return of UMNO youth to its days of making inflammatory remarks (remember Hishamuddin with his keris waving)? Or will KJ survive this next attempt to kill off his political career by his UMNO brethren?

Ah yes, the dog eat dog world of Malaysian politics.