Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ong Tee Keat

Things have been said, things have been done. The EGM is over and after a month of blogging, MCA delegates truly disappointed me. Well, at least 1141 delegates gained my respect !

When the mess of the leadership began, we saw how Tee Keat selflessly ordered Sec Gen Wong Foon Meng to convene an EGM for a voting process to take place on resolutions brought forth by Soi Lek and his supporters. Tee Keat did nothing for himself.

When Tee Keat talked about integrity, credibility and accountability which of course stepped on many toes in Malaysian politics, many sat around, watched and offered coffee shop talk only. Some even exploited the opportunity to attack Tee Keat.

We should ask those who criticize Tee Keat. What wrong has Tee Keat done? What has Tee Keat not done for the Chinese community?

Squatters, students, constituents, needy people, and the community have all benefited with MCA's help and Tee Keat's politics in this country given the "weak position" of MCA in today's testing times.

We then ask, when will MCA learn the political model of transition and put an end to the two faction system in the party ?

MCA will never learn. I blame the delegates and those who shout the claims that they are out to save MCA. I am disappointed.

The calls for Tee Keat to resign are already ringing not just within MCA but also among the public. However, the support for Tee Keat is also as strong as the pressure judging by the netizens' chatter.

Again, we ask the critics some questions.

What wrong has Tee Keat done? What has Tee Keat not done for the community and the people? To go on, we ask what benefits are there if Tee Keat resigns from his Presidency when MCA is in a critical stage after the severe loss in the General Election?

Some even chose to hold Tee Keat by the neck and said that if he is a man of principles, he should resign as he said to the press once that it is either him or Soi Lek and he will respect the decision of the delegates even with a simple majority.

These "head-hunters" shy away from all sorts of pertinent questions and attempt to hide within a confined space. Totally ignoring the storm ahead and the challenges thrown at MCA will be disastrous.

We hold the words of others like a religion. Yet, if that is the only argument as to why Tee Keat must resign that we can present, no clear path is outlined and we will only be seen as involved in a game of witch hunt.

Before we judge and decide, questions have to be answered. Otherwise, we will not be able to escape from the classic case of a blind mice searching for the light.

Fear not, worry not. Tee Keat is a man of principles without an inch of doubt.

He made a promise to MCA members and not just the delegates. He made a promise to the community and not just MCA. He made a promise to the people and not just the Chinese.

These promises must not be forgotten and we ask, why don't we tell Tee Keat to stay on and fulfill his promises, dreams and vision of 1MCA 1Team?

These are also principles if not promises and they truly overwrite the emotional words uttered in the leadership tussle with Soi Lek.

Having said all of these, we must also not forget the 1MCA 1Team and MCA Agenda for Change manifestos.

1MCA 1Team survives the test of time, the test of crisis and the test of leadership. 1MCA 1Team bears the resemblance of a family who shares their ups and downs, joys and disappointment, victories and losses.

1MCA 1Team is to unite the Party post-EGM. After all, MCA means family. And that is Tee Keat to all of us.

No words can describe my disappointment.


XieAn said...

MCA central delegates reject leader upholding integrity, but in the eye of the community, OTK is already the winner, who have shown his brave and selfless deed to deal with the PKFZ issue effectively, that nobody can take away from him. His generous feat was advocated as a showcase for other leaders to emulate, it serve as a turning point that this country is moving toward right direction which give the society hope, but now being jeopardized following MCA central delegates selfish act by rejecting such talent.

It is a golden opportunity for MCA to show the way but the central delegates screw it up, they chose to stick to their old trick that does not sell anymore, their ego, ignorant, stubbornness and money politic will lead them nowhere, but only to one direction that is to their own grave. But there are still hope, that is the voices of the grassroots that make up the backbone of MCE have not spoken yet.

The central delegates razor slim rejection of OTK may not represent the true sentiment of the grassroots. Many factor including the suspicious money politic as well as betting may sway the outcome. OTK have the option to call it quit or not, but to be fair to all the MCA members, these people voices must be heard as well, as such MCA must take the matter to the grassroots to seek their views that they want OTK to continue or not by means of referendum conduct country wide. The well documented phenomenon have present it case that the central committee strongly supported OTK as MCA President however the central delegate said otherwise in rejecting his leadership. It may turn out that the grassroots support OTK presidentship strongly and I bet my money on this probability.

wong said...

sdr ong stood proud honourable in the eyes of his children and familie .that matters.

giam2020 said...

It is indeed a sad day for MCA.
A tainted leader is retain but a
righteous man is left to heal his
wound.MCA should open up the voting
to all members rather than a selected
few to better reflect the democratic

Pemuda UMNO Permatang Pauh said...

Today politics show a lack of integrity from the voters. They are more incline to choose slackers than uphold the true leader.

That's why slackers were given opportunity to govern 4 states.


Whatever the outcomes after OTK holiday, we hope that MCA will able to be strong again so that they can contribute for better Malaysia under BN.

Anonymous said...

Hey chicken Omar Goh. You talk cock a lot but have no guts to comment on Zorro. If you are a man make your stand on Zorro coz Zorro stands for everything you're not. Even your diehard supporters want you to make your stand on Zorro.What are you afraid of Ah Boy? I dare you Omar Goh, make your stand or else you must be yellow inside out.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Thanks for the opinion PUU. Point taken and note.

As for the "anonymous",

A 23 year old who can write objectively with concrete arguments and without profanities or immature name calling surely will make a better leader than you.

I stand proud and glad that my parents brought me up well.

Of course, I cannot withstand my beliefs that you might be Tan Teik Lye whose time is spent on personal attacks that make no sense or purpose in MarGeeMar's blog.

Nevertheless, I do not go around attacking blogs or have personal vendetta against other bloggers.

Neither do I present myself as a pushover and blog according to the wishes of my readers that seek blog wars.

Glad to see you are an ardent reader of APOMM too since you fairly know what articles I have written about and what I haven't.

Thank you but try searching for maturity for your sake and let us be an educated and strong society in values and cultures.

Anonymous said...

Educated and strong society in values and culture???
The issue here is the values you profess is easily contradicted. For example, you continue to support Dr Mahahtir even though Dr Mahathir has come out and asked OTK to resign. I read there was post about the economic impact of Proton which clearly suggests that the costs outweigh the benefits, yet you continue to support Proton.

Of course as a blog owner, none of your readers contribute 1sen and this is all up to ones personal time and effort. But when people have questions and are generally put off by statements which are deemed to have ulterior motives. The comments you receive is a feedback whether you chose to act on it or ignore it is always your right.

Goh Wei Liang said...

When one support a leader, it does not mean that I will support him even if he says kill a baby.

Tun Dr M's style, leadership and visions are all respected and well received in Malaysia and internationally. His way of articulating ideas and skills in reasoning are among those that I admire.

I know which blog post you are talking about in comparing the costs.

One can only assume that is the case ceteris paribus. If we look into the taxations paid by those who purchase cars that are non Proton, those money were used to subsidize many other areas in Government spending.

Healthcare, education, Government payroll and many more. This have also redistributed the wealth where the wealthy who still insist on driving Mercedes and Beemers pay the high taxes while Government uses that money for others.

Employments have been created in some way.

Besides, there is a point to note that with Proton, Malaysia has automobile engineering studies now and students can proceed to work with Proton. Malaysia also has "imported" technology and knowledge from overseas - Mitsubishi and Lotus while the latest I heard is Detroit Electric.

Direct impact on comsumption patterns ceteris paribus will of course be as what that blogger described.

Looking at the picture as whole, it might be as I explained. As macroeconomists always believe - "everything depends on everything and even something depends on everything".

Anonymous said...

Your immaturity really shows Omar Goh. I don't have to be Tan Teik Lye to comment on you. Better get your facts right first before you know who you are commenting about. Be mature and don't get emotional. You go around slamming other Blogs and individuals and leaving your comments there but stay silent about Zorro. What are you afraid of Boy?

Kah Seong.

Goh Wei Liang said...

I could only predict who it was as the comment was left with no identity. I do alot of expectations modelling in my studies.

Again, who is immature when I did not stoop low with name callings but you chose to disgrace yourself to the level of school kids or child's play in calling me with another name?

Grow up Kah Seong. Your parents gave you a name - Kah Seong.

Mature, educated and civilized society do not go around calling names. We don't see Sarkozy going around calling Berlusconi names or Anwar calling Obama nicknames.

And that is the difference of the class and maturity between me and you.

Forgive me that I put in some arrogance here because I take pride and will protect the pride I have in view that I am brought up in a better way and became mature at such an age as compared to many others.

Anyway, I don't go around slamming other blogs but I do give my comments in other blogs. There are alot of blogs I read but I do not give comments in all blogs.

If I do, I will be busy taking on bloggers like Ronnie Liu, Charles Santiago, Zorro, Malaysia Today and many more.

I fear no one and I fear nothing. I write what I believe in and speak with my identity clearly posted.

Again, APOMM does not indulge in blog wars. You must be ardent fan of APOMM. My blog started in late 2006 or 2007 (can't remember) and I can only assume that you have followed my blog since then given that you know what I have written and what I have not.

I am grateful and thankful for all those who visit APOMM. Thank you and do come again.

After all, if my points are irrelevant, they wouldn't have left any stinging sensation till people always come back for more.

Cheers to you.

Anonymous said...

Grow up Kah Seong. Your parents gave you a name - Kah Seong.

You say you are mature Goh Wei Liang? At least I have the decency not to question your parents how they brought you up. You want to be considered as mature and educated, Goh? Then, leave people's parents out less you want others to call you 'kurang ajar'. Cheers and g'day mate!

Kah Seong.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Haha. Kah Seong oh Kah Seong. Who was the one who called me Omar Goh when clearly you were indulging in name calling?

I am not involving parents here but indeed, my parents gave me a name and so did your parents.

You want to be considered wise, mature and educated? Leave out name calling unless you want others to call you 'kurang ajar'.

See, the same can be said to you Kah Seong.

There is no point I waste my precious little time arguing petty things with you.

You enjoy yourself and be good to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the first to call you Omar Goh. Many others have called you this but you never denied that it was your name. Thus I presumed that your name was Omar Goh. You Goh Wei Liang like to make conclusions and accuse people of everything when in effect I always thought your name was Omar Goh. Next time write in your Blog and clarify that your name is not Omar Goh.Then, people will know.

Anonymous said...

A spintatstic answer to my earlier point, but I feel you should ignore this guy who is bothering you on your name and throwing rocks. Remember its no point arguing with a fool, it sends you around the edge. But there is still a vast majority of Malaysians who detest TDM, 51% voted to say that the garland of slippers jibe was not rude..
But I guess what your doing is a bit of political posturing. Its ok, but use your expectation modelling to model what expectations are to come :-)