Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tok Guru Nik Aziz's Iron Fist in PAS

In the days of Dr Mahathir when he was Prime Minister of Malaysia, there were many opposition supporters and members who gave a range of nicknames to Tun.

Among the many - Maha Firaun, Dictator.

Actually, PAS fail to see the real picture of who is really the Maha Firaun and dictator. If indeed an individual is not the leader of a democratic country but a dictator, such individual will never retire. In fact, he or she will cling on to the position till his last breath.

Tok Guru Nik Aziz have held the position of Mursyidul Am and Menteri Besar Kelantan for a very long time.

We can classify leaders like Samy Vellu, Dr Ling, and Nik Aziz as men from the era of Mahathir’s administration.

Almost all have left the scene and retire from their service to the country and the people. Of course, we now have Samy Vellu holding on to the position as MIC President but that is not the point here today.

Tok Nik Aziz is the oldest leader in today’s politics if I am not mistaken. He was born in 1931 in Kelantan, a true local breed leader. This year, Tok Nik celebrates his 78th birthday.

Tun Mahathir has already retired some time ago and this year marks the 6th anniversary Malaysia parted with a prominent leader.

Kelantan, undeniable to all, is underdeveloped and we all know this. One cannot deny the fact that development is always hampered by politics.

Those who think that politics and development targets should be distinct and separate are indeed ignorant. The reasoning stays simple and clear.

If one party was to develop another party’s place, the people see no reason to change the representative especially when the incumbent claims that they are the ones who bring the development.

However, this should not be used as an excuse for underdevelopment in the state. Take a look at Penang and Selangor. These two states are under the Opposition rule, yet they continue to attract investors.

Perak is also one of the “boring” and laid back state. The silver state also received attention from potential investors in many sectors.

These are all made possible with fresh ideas from the young and the constructive opinions from experts. People don’t flock to a State by itself but such moves require the art of persuasion, manipulation and of course repackaging the State to be attractive.

This is one area Kelantan Government has failed over the years. Of course, by now many will be thinking that “hey, I thought Kelantan has logging and agriculture industries?”.

True, but the logging industry is controversial in Kelantan (just Google it and you will know what I mean, don’t want any trouble for my blog). Agriculture is also a unique point. How many of you will want to have fruit farms, cattle farms or any other form of agricultural businesses in Kelantan?

You see the point, and you get what I mean. I have been to Kelantan before and I know how Kelantan is. It is indeed peaceful and this I do not deny. However, having a peaceful state should not mean underdevelopment.

New blood must come in PAS Kelantan.

Tok Nik cannot deny that he is getting older and weaker by the day. Of course, Tok Nik’s supporters will also argue that Tun Dr M underwent surgery also. But one cannot deny that Tun Dr M looks and might actually be fitter than Tok Nik.

Ideas are also not flowing in well. Let the new blood take charge. Don’t tell me PAS with a claimed 1 million members do not have capable younger leaders to lead their one and only State.

Tok Nik is not supreme and it will indeed be a mockery to the Party if Tok Nik feels no one can takeover from him. Tok Nik must know and be ready to let it go. Statesmen should know when to stay and when to retire.

There was once a statement by Tok Nik that he will only go when people asks him to. It is not that easy, Tok Nik.

If one day Nasharuddin Isa says you should go, politicians in PAS will exploit the opportunity to bring him down and others can move up the ladder.

If one day Husam Musa or Anuar Tan say that it is time you handover, these two will see their final days in PAS politics soon enough. Even the President does not have the power and strength to tell you that it is time to retire and let new blood takeover.

Kelantan, a highly populated state with religious people, needed you Tok Nik. “Needed” is not the same as “need”. Today, Kelantan should look ahead to develop and improve the people’s quality of life.

In PAS, the Presidential Council is like a lame duck. Everyone elected there must be in Tok Nik’s good books. This is not democracy and PAS knows it well.

Today, Tok Nik is calling for an EGM to remove PAS President. I am not a fan of Pak Hadi but neither do I agree with the methods and power grasp of PAS Kelantan.

If Tun M is labelled as a “pemimpin kuku besi” in UMNO and Malaysia by PAS leaders, then PAS supporters must ask, “Ain’t Tok Nik the one who is the pemimpin kuku besi?”

Mahathir allowed different ideologies and democracy to flourish in the Party. In PAS, it is all about “menjahanamkan UMNO” and upholding religion but yet call for an all inclusive system.

PAS’ problem is not just the stranglehold by Tok Nik and his close allies. PAS, as I see it, is a like car with many drivers. PAS supporters and members are lost. Islam or not ? Compromise or not ?

PAS should remodel their political party. Do they want to uphold religion or not ? When we uphold our struggles on the basis of religion, we cannot afford to compromise.

Compromising on the struggles will only mean that the religion is disputable. This is not the case since religions are normally indisputable by believers.

Of course, PAS supporters can argue that other political parties are also compromising their struggles.

DAP struggles for democracy but their compromise (in allowing the Lims to lead on) are fine since democratic principles and definition vary, religion do not.

UMNO fight to reduce income gap among races. The methodology can differ and be disputed, religion can not.

PAS indeed has many problems and these problems are worrying. PAS politics affect all of us and if they continue to be confused, then PAS’ days are numbered by a strong UMNO today and an impatient Anwar Ibrahim who prefers things to go smoothly en route to Putrajaya.


CommonerNinetyNine said...

for some, religion is the best tool to be employed in politics because they can use god's name to do anything so that people dare not dispute whatever they do.

if you are not somebody, try to dispute the 'power' behind pas and see what can happen to you.

the west had gone through their 'dark ages' few hundred years ago, that's why they are separating religion from governing to eliminate the 'old days'.

vinnan said...

Haji Hadi Awang epitomizes all that is wrong with Malay society.

1. Egoistical
2, Superficial
3. Impatient

and the worst of them all

4. Greed

While PAS was making inroads all over the country in GE 12 the Haji could not even break UMNO's two-third Majority in Terengganu. Now he thinks he can walk into power by exploiting the infighting betwwen the Idris and Said people.

He cannot admit he failed in the last GE (egoistical).

He along with his supporters cover themselves with a thin veneer of Talibanish Islam so as to appear as Islamic as the Tok Guru.

He thinks he can get the rakyat to accept his coming into power via the backdoor just like Zambry mamak in Perak without having to work for the rakyat's trust. (Impatient)

He cares not if he destroys PAS in the process of grabbing power. (Greed)

Even I as a non-Malay can see his haste for power. ALL my PAS friends KNOWS this man is not good for PAS for he is willing to abandon the people who made him PAS president in his quest for power. Haji Hadi Awang, just another greedy UMNO wannabe.

Anonymous said...

PAS must not remain in fantasy dream.Rakyat had realised PAS is using religious as a tools to defend their actions. Time for Nik Ajis to go

Anonymous said...

why are you commenting on the new revelation ion teoh? i am waiting for it.

Rahimi said...

nik aziz is simple man? yes and he is the modest leader in the world. but what he has done to the muslim people in malaysia is beyond of his character. He can punish people by giving fatwa/decision, whom can enter paradise and who are not. He said PAS member can go to paradise and UMNO can go to hell, but what will happen to fence sitter like us, are we go to between neither paradise nor hell. and what happen to some PAS leaders like Nasharudin as what he said “tali barut UMNO’ – UMNO agent. where he goes.. to hell or paradise, as well hj hadi and other PAS supporters who he branded as pro-umno group.

Through his fatwa (religious verdict). he ruins Malay and Muslim society into choas and hatred.

This is the real thing people should look, dont judge by the cover.

Pemuda UMNO Permatang Pauh said...

Saudara Goh,

Well composed article. I wish I could further my study somewhere so that I can polish my English skill. Already got the IELTS result but my BSc CGPA is just 2.9. ;)

Tuan Nik is a Mentri Besar like forever. Perhaps he should consider resigning but unfortunately to his mind who can be trusted to helm the power. Sigh.

To me, the most unacceptable thing going on in Kelantan is some Excos and Aduns are millionaire but their state is under sorry state of finance. Where is the logging yield gone?

Now they want the oil royalty? The fight for oil royalty is for them or for rakyat? Nobody knows.



Mr said...

I don't see your arguments stand on these:
Mahathir is 84 this year. That means he was 78 when he stepped down.
TG Nik Aziz is 78 this year.
Wait until he's 79 before you compare him with TM and telling him to get out.
Secondly, is development what we outsiders want Kelantan to have or is it what their people wants? If their people want BN-styled development, certainly PAS will not be running the state now.
Secondly, compare it to BN-ruled state of Perlis. Is Perlis considered developed with all investors coming in the big way like Selangor?

Anonymous said...

The joke is that Kelantan is so underdeveloped that if you drop an atom bomb in Kelantan,you will cause rm7 worth of damage.

Anonymous said...

A Piece of my mind !! Ya rite !!I guess all your articles are more of a piece of shit,Omar !!



Anonymous said...

A Piece of my mind !! Ya rite !!I guess all your articles are more of a piece of shit,Omar !!



خير الأنوار بن قمر الدين said...

you sucks!

aZRoy said...

kah kah kah kah kah, trash

Anonymous said...

Above blog is sending their goons to attack your blog.Just to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Mr Omar,
I am an Indian and a kelantanese,working in KL and staying in the south.just bcoz there is a omar infront of your name doesn't give you the right to condemn TGNA.Have you been to Kelantan? Have you ever meet TGNA??If you get a chance make a trip to Pulau Melaka in Kelantan and drop by his house and judge for your self.Kelantan underdeveloped???Can you name any abandon state project in Kelantan???Even the police there scared to take bribe or better put they choose not to take bribe.Can you say the same thing in other states???

If you want to kow tow to UMNO, lick mahathir's or whatever is your problem BUT don't talk cock about somebody you never meet or know.
BTW, I am forced to work in KL and forthe past 5 years, I asked to be transfered back to Kelantan but unsuccessful.Can you work it out for me???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ayoyo,Nik Aziz's goon have arrived.

Common man,Nik Aziz is old and senile.Always flip flopping,again in the last few days.

He has no power but demands elected members of his party to be sacked.Behaving like a Firaun.

And calls his own ulama SAMPAH.What a moron.

Anonymous said...

This "smart" blogger should ask how much money has the Federal Govt pump into Kelantan in the last 10 years and compare it with the other states before he even dares to question about development in Kelantan!

Small Cat said...

Nik Najis has a greater plan. He wants to recruit young DAP youths into PAS but cannot do so because Anwar says it will split the three parties apart.

So tonight, there will be a meeting but the DAP agenda will not be discussed, because it will upset Anwar.

Mohd Syameer Firdaus said...

Tok Guru is just a pain in the butt. With his hatred of UMNO, he will do anything to offense UMNO until at one point he will gambling his races and religion to make sure his 'great ambition' fulfilled.

As a Tok Guru, he must knew that hatred or revenge is a form of taboo in Islam but what how he act in politic and his image as a tok guru is totally different like the phrase, 'langit dengan bumi'.

Jangan jadi 'lidah bercabang' dan 'talam dua muka' like what the old malays said.

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid you know little about kelantan's development.

Kota Bharu, is more developed than Kangar, Perlis, which is a Barisan state since merdeka.

You should visit kelantan after your done in unsw.

On the other hand, Sabah is the poorest state in malaysia, despite having oil resources! (UN development report, 2004)