Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free for all in MCA

I will not hold back in view of the recent MCA EGM results. Over the past month when Tee Keat was under pressure, it was obvious that some Vice President(s) held back and did not declare sides.

One can understand that. If the supported loses, they will lose too and they fear for their jobs or position. If they do not take sides, they can come out and support the winner.

Better still, if neither wins which is what we see today, the silent ones can attempt to stake a claim for the Presidency and announced that they are ready to lead.

Of course, we cannot stop ourselves from speculating that the supporters of the silent leaders did what would be beneficial for their faction head.

Besides the Vice Presidential politics, some analysts have also reported about the possibility of the Third Force. This Third Force seems like a collection of past MCA leaders and also Old Guards wanting to make a comeback.

Attempting a comeback in the Party is one thing. Winning back the people is another when clearly, MCA leaders were rejected outright by the Chinese community.

Does MCA even remember how titans of MCA fell just over a year ago?

Tee Keat survived the March 08 election tsunami on Barisan Nasional. In fact, Tee Keat survived in Selangor when everyone else falter. Surely, that is something to ponder.

I then ask, when will MCA be free from the shackles of the power grasp held by the former knights of MCA's round table?

If MCA calls for fresh elections and see one of the Old Knights win, will it not create another round of ridiculous "save MCA campaign" by the losers of the Presidential election?

The Captains of Team A and Team B are no longer in the fray (well, at least one of them - Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek).

The party will be even more divided since the Old Knights, who were all from the days of Team A and Team B, are now figures of their own playing politics for their own future.

MCA have been criticized before for electing leaders (Deputy President, VPs, Central Committee) based on "chai dan" or "menu".

Another point to note is that MCA's President have all the while been "endorsed" Presidents be it from his MCA predecessor or fellow Barisan Nasional leaders.

When Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting resigned, I heard that Chinese dailies mentioned that Tee Keat was the man groomed to takeover the leadership of MCA. True indeed, Tee Keat went on to be President late last year.

When predecessors or Old Knights of the MCA round table like you, surely you can stay on as President. If you ruffled some of their feathers, then the guillotine will befall on the sitting MCA President or those responsible.

This is the level of politics in MCA and that is why MCA will never learn.

Some of us saw hope in Tee Keat when he did things based on his principles and kept his conscience clear. Sadly, hopes were burnt to ashes after the EGM.

There are some friends in Barisan Nasional and of course some leaders in the Party who called Tee Keat to resign based on various reasons. One of the mentioned was that he did not command the majority of the Delegates and thus he should go.

Constitutionally, as Datuk Ti Lian Ker argued, Tee Keat need not go.

According to his blog post Fare Thee Well MCA, Ti said "The Presidential Council had spoken. The Central Committee had spoken. The General Assembly had spoken. Now it is time for the members and leaders to fall back on the "Supreme Voice of the Party" i.e. the Party Constitution. "

Neither UMNO nor any Barisan Nasional leaders can argue their way in MCA's leadership crisis today because indeed the Party Constitution remains Supreme, just like how in Perak when Opposition ADUNS quit to become Independents who favored BN sparked a political crisis.

At that time, the Constitution was referred to as the most supreme and was decisive in today's politics in Perak.

Of course, we need not go into details to argue and compare MCA leadership crisis with Perak's political crisis. I believe all individuals, supporters and leaders of Barisan Nasional understand this clearly.

MCA's problem remains with MCA.

Today, as a result of infighting, MCA is nearly in ruins. And many are now stepping up to stake a claim on the President and Deputy President's office.

Free for all and all hell breaks lose in MCA. Nak gaduh sampai bila MCA ?

Delegates and members of MCA must understand that if they want the Party to continue walking down the path of reforms and rejuvenation, then decide wisely when asked to soon.

Otherwise, MCA will not only be a laughing stock for generations to come but will be a sunken ship soon.

(Credits to TheStar, TheNutGraph, and Malaysiakini for the pictures)


giam2020 said...

MCA has learn well from UMNO by having warlord to control the president for their own selfish
interest.To dismantle this mentality
the voting has to be given to all party members instead of selected
delegates so that the president will
not be held to ransom if he fights
for the rights of all chinese rather
that for the pockets of a few.

Anonymous said...

Is Tiong Lai really corrupt ?


Kalambong said...

Just in case you don't know which "young deputy minister" who has backstabbed OTK, it's wee ka siong, that mofo snake !

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kenn

They deserted Malaysia ! So why should we shed any tears for them !

Kalambong said...


Back in the 1990's, I was told of that scheme.

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