Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Role of Constitution in Crisis

Today, several UMNO leaders have voiced out their opinions on the MCA leadership crisis which I am sure will also be used by ambitious MCA leaders.

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This argument is also heavily used by some Barisan Nasional supporters and leaders. Fellow Barisan Nasional comrades and respected leaders tend to forget some past events.

When the argument that a simple majority voted no-confidence on Tee Keat is used, the same argument can also be used for the Perak leadership crisis and Terengganu leadership crisis.

In Perak when the Government of the day did not receive popular support from the people took office and sparked a crisis in the State, the Constitution was referred to as the most supreme order and became a major point of reference.

In Terengganu, the majority of the lawmakers were not in favor of the Menteri Besar of the day but favored by the Palace, the Constitution was again referred to for decisions and the rights of the Constitutional monarchy was upheld.

Both cases saw the State Constitution upheld when a deadlock surfaced.

The same can be said for MCA. The President of MCA can only be removed with a 2/3 majority. The Constitution of Perak and Terengganu exist for a reason, not for decoration. The Constitution of MCA also exists for a reason, not for decoration.

Each time a crisis occurs, the legally binding and well designed Constitution is used as a reference and a problem or deadlock solver.

More retaliation arguments will do no one any good and Barisan Nasional must let MCA deal with the problems where a non aligned and independent Tee Keat in MCA takes on the alliances and ambitious factions in MCA.

Barisan Nasional must not let hell break loose in the coalition. We will be the ones losing out only if we quarrel inter coalition parties.


Anonymous said...

Mahadey has given the instruction, axe Ong Tee Keat. So why not ask OTK to leave because you are a blind follower of that decrepit old man!

commonerninetynine said...

if some man lead will cause the party to break, then it will be a dilemma of choice, person or party? for the old timers, they will not stay on if they know their involvement will break the party, but for new timers, individualism preceed others.

it has been 1 and half year plus since 08 march 2008, mca disparity has been the obstacle for the party development. the otk and csl teams both have equal claim of supports from the party, this is nothing wrong, but every works will be disturb by these 2 different political sites, and thus will unavoidably cause damage to the party. thats why power sharing in any administration will not be successful.

it hurts to hear anti-bn people use this mca internal bickering as laughing stock and attack point although their pr site face the same problems, but the truth is that this current mca leadership crisis has put a toll on bn.

it would be magnanimous for either one to let go of their command of powers in mca.

if we have decided that mca is more important than the entire bn alliance, then mca better not involve in bn. it may be a win win for both, mca can continue internal fight, and bn may set up another chinese party to serve chinese communities.

of course bn needs mca, but having a non-stable mca will not help much and possibly cause damages.

chinese communities lose at the end of the day.

justice4otk said...

This is evolution , for MCA to become a better political party , it has to get rid of gangrene or the cancerous cell effecting it . It has also got to endure some pain before shedding that distasteful episode .

As it is MCA will come out stronger on condition that Ong Tee Keat stays as President and re organise the whole party thru a meaningful re polling of its entire CC .