Thursday, October 08, 2009

MCA - Agenda for Change (Part 5)


Two EGMs were initially talked about and now they have agreed to have one (October 10th at 10am).

We now move towards the fundamental question of the battle of MCA's top two leaders. Is it just because of Tee Keat that the Chinese community does not support Barisan Nasional ?

The excuse that Ong Tee Keat has failed to revitalize MCA in 8 months is wrong. The Chinese community will not come back to vote for MCA just because Chua Soi Lek or Liow Tiong Lai or Ng Yen Yen is the President.

This is a fact and should not be manipulated as though MCA will fall just because Tee Keat is the President and just because Soi Lek is not the man in charge.

If strategists in certain camps are to blame Ong for failing to win votes in the series of by elections we had, can we not say the same for Najib and Muhyiddin ? Does that mean Najib and Muhyiddin must be removed as well ?

Go to the ground and ask first. The deficiencies are not on the part of Tee Keat, Najib or Muhyiddin but a bag of political errors held by all in the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council.

An institution called Barisan Nasional works as a team where failures are taken as lessons and successes are taken as motivations to strive harder not for one person but for the whole party.

The same can be said for MCA.

A party is not synonymous to a single personality where without one person, the party will fall and crumble.

If a Party is held at the neck, at ransom or will choke because of the absence of one man, the Party is truly weak and will always be at the mercy of the individual.

The message going around is that we should keep Soi Lek in the ranks of Barisan Nasional.

Many also told me that in Johor, which coincidentally is the power base of Barisan Nasional, Soi Lek wields a lot of influence be it in the Party or among the people.

This is highly irrational. What if Soi Lek asks to be the Prime Minister ?

Do we have to give in to his or his supporters' demands just because he has blue chips in his hands and without him, Barisan Nasional will be on their knees ?

The political model of being shaky and unstable without someone is wrong and it has long been in practice in MCA.

Actually, MCA can learn alot from Barisan Nasional partners especially UMNO. The largest party in Malaysia has managed to formulate and ensure a successful political model of leadership and succession.

Time after time, they have struggled but managed to unite and produce 6 good Prime Ministers based on the line of succession.

Though there were blips in between where predecessors and successors clashed in opinions and policies, these were solved within the system successfully and democratically.

The same cannot be said for MCA. This is the third time leadership battle is taking place. Let us put an end to the Battle of Teams in MCA and place our confidence to do the right thing.

Do the right thing, MCA.

(This will be the final part. Tee Keat has my support to do the right thing and to reform MCA.)


justice4otk said...

Thanks Bro Goh for the write up ,

We as central delegates will ensure a comfortable win for Tee Keat .

High time to remove all those cancerous cells affecting the Party .

Some people just do not know when to call it a day and quietly just fade away into the setting sun .

XieAn said...

As a member of the community, I have said my pieces, the various community leaders have spoken and make known their desire, the public have expressed their opinions and feelings and poll have been conducted. That are all the voice of the people and the answer is crystal clear, vast majority want OTK to lead MCA and the reason is obvious. These valuable findings should provide MCA central delegates with enough statistics to make a wise judgment to walk a right direction, that is to show that they care to listen to the people wishes by supporting OTK through giving him a strong mandate in the coming EGM which he dearly need to handle the large number of difficult task ahead. The ball is now at you feet .............

In the meantime, I am taking a rest for me to clean the barrel of my gun, that is also getting ready for the next showdown..............