Sunday, October 04, 2009

Barisan Nasional for Bagan Pinang

The spin is already on the web on why Tan Sri Isa Samad, Barisan Nasional's candidate, should not be elected as the Bagan Pinang ADUN.

To see the spin
  1. 'Teach BN a severe lesson in humility'
  2. Is Isa Samad the best BN can give voters ?

Yes, netizens are passing the message on why not to vote Tan Sri Isa Samad.

Yet, I want to know how many of these netizens are Bagan Pinang folks ? Why no one is listing down the reasons to vote for PAS candidate Zulkefly Mohamad Omar ?

Can PAS, DAP and PKR come together and list down their election promises if Zulkefly gets elected and why Zulkefly is the best candidate they can come up with ?

I can see that DAP leaders like Rasah MP Loke Siew Fook, PAS President Haji Hadi Awang and Anwar Ibrahim are doing the talking only.

Zulkefly seems to be "shielded and well protected" by Pakatan Rakyat while on the other hand, Isa Samad talks to the press, to the Bagan Pinang people and to the supporters.

It seems like this by-election is not Zulkefly vs Isa Samad but more like Pakatan Rakyat Presidential Council vs Isa Samad. Let Zulkefly talk and let Zulkefly fight Isa Samad one on one in this by election.

Arguments after arguments of PAS do not make sense. First they argue that Isa Samad is guilty of money politics. I do not want to repeat myself again so I shall guide you to my previous article - Tan Sri Isa Samad.

The latest argument is of course the controversial postal votes. Laymen may think that Barisan Nasional will play dirty and "give" 100% of the postal votes to their candidates.

Perhaps these impressions are created when we were told not to read the mainstream newspapers but shift to the alternative media.

Just a few days ago, Election Commission secretary Datuk Ngah Senik refuted doubts on postal votes.

From The Star - Postal voting to start on Oct 8

  • “Some have made accusations that army personnel are not free to exercise their right to vote as they have to do so in front of their superiors.

  • “If this is the case, how did the Opposition secure more than 1,000 postal votes in Bagan Pinang in the last general election?” he said.

  • Ngah said former Teluk Kemang Member of Parliament Datuk S. Sothinathan, who won the seat in 2004 with a 17,777-vote majority, lost in 2008 as most postal votes went to the Opposition.

  • He said army personnel were only required to sign Form 2 in front of a superior as proof that they were the ones taking the ballot.

  • “No one knows who he is voting for. I hope political parties would not question this anymore,” he said, adding that the Opposition has also been receiving a fair amount of support through postal votes.

Whatever it is, Malaysia is not the only country with postal votes. I once heard from the Australian Parliament staff that Australians no matter where they are will have to submit their mandatory votes to the nearest attache office on Election Day.

Moreover, the Election Commission has agreed to demands that
  1. Party reps allowed to witness balloting at army camps
  2. EC yes to PAS request over postal votes

Let the locals in Bagan Pinang decide. Isa Samad (UMNO - BN) or Zulkefly Mohd Omar (PAS).

If Isa Samad wins, then the people power of Bagan Pinang backs Isa to be their representative and rejects Zulkefly of PAS.

I believe any spin by the alternative media and the Opposition of the election results will be a mockery of democracy and will be disrespectful of the people's power or Ketuanan Rakyat.

Click HERE for news on Bagan Pinang by election.

For a thorough up to date Bagan Pinang by election update, read A Voice's take - interesting on how PAS machinery started way earlier while BN is just settling down and why Zulkefly is a bad choice.

(Credits to TheStar for the picture)


Anonymous said...

Isa Samad - Doreamon

Anna Montana said...

Isa Samad ni patut beri jalan pada
calun orang muda dari kalangan UMNO,yg ada 3juta lebih ahli...
Cukuplah dia dah pegang jawatan MB N9 dan Menteri Wilayah.
Nampaknya Isa ni KETAGIH KUASA,mcm penagih2 lain(Rokok ke,Dadah ke, dada ke,arak ke etc etc)....
Langsung tak bagi chan pd pemimpin muda.Ini kah cara UMNO nak berubah?
Mcm tak ada perubahan pun........

ZorroTeam.2010 said...

Isa ni masa MB N9,byk tanah2 pegi ke kroni2,masa menteri pun byk nk tolong kroni2 sampai Datuk Bandar KL,Datuk Shaid pun di lanyaknya...
Lepas tu kena displin pasal politik Wang..Itu belum SPRM siasat
Jadi masih UMNO nak calunkan dia??
Tak ada orang lain ke???
Orang Melayu skrg bukan bodoh, pakai ikut aje...kita kan ada AKAL?

sasha2020 said...

Bodoh betul 3 orang kat atas ni...yang bagi komen.

Habis tu , si Anwar yg kaki liwat, salah guna kuasa, dah masuk penjara 6 tahun, lidah bercabang...boleh pulak diterima oleh 3 orang kat atas ni!!!! Boleh jadi ketua pembangkang lagi. Maknanya, orang macam ni boleh jadi ketua kepada PAS secara tak langsung. Teruk betulllllaaaa...

Yang penting ialah khidmat yg diberikan dan rakyat suka.

Tak usahlah dengki kesumat sangat dgn Tan Sri Isa.

Cuba tengok calon PAS tu, tak pandai nak bersuara. Tak pandai nak berucap. Kat atas pentas dok tersenyum aje. orang macam ni, layak ke jadi calon??. Macam mana nak bantu rakyat. Cakap pun tak reti

Pakatan Rascal said...

The Pakatan idiots only know how to discredit. They have no development plans but only destructive plans.

Look at all the areas they control now. What change is there? None. Infact, rubbish is piling up in many areas as the elected representatives go on leave or attend stupid rallies.

The Puchong MP is spending all his time in his legal office, going in and out of court instead of clearing the garbage and rats in the constituency. Why did the voters elect him for?

Full of shit, these Pakatan Rascals are, spending Rakyat money for nothing.

Anonymous said...

"Tengok UMNO dah tak ada tokoh lain untuk diketengahkan, terpaksa ambil orang lama dan bekas perasuah sebagai calonnya, bukankah ini bukti UMNO semakin nazak? Tak ada calon muda lagi ke UMNO nie?"


GWL is a bigger tool than i expected lol

Anonymous said...

Wei Liang, don't bother about the insults of the morons above. You are doing a good job. Keep it up. I don't know why you are not saying anything about Bernard Khoo @ Zorro who is spreading slander and lies about the BN and Dr. Mahathir. Time you gave him a piece of your mind!

Anonymous said...

Menurut Brigadier Jeneral (B) Arshad beliau dimaklumkan bahawa anggota tentera yang hadir semasa majlis pengisytiharan Bandar Tentera Darat oleh Perdana Menteri mendapat RM 300 setiap seorang.

Kalau tentera hadir sekejap majlis bersama PM di Bagan Pinang boleh dapat RM 300 , orang awam , orang kampung di Bagan Pinang dapat berapa ? Yang mendirikan bilik gerakan, Yang merempit dengan bendera BN, Yang gantung bendera pula dapat berapa ?

Anonymous said...

GWL, kao ni pakar ekonomi ke pakar politik ke pakar tin kosong?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Wednesday, 07 October, 2009 said...

I don't know why you are not saying anything about Bernard Khoo @ Zorro who is spreading slander and lies about the BN and Dr. Mahathir. Time you gave him a piece of your mind!

This is the same time I'm asking myself. Why are you not taking Zorro to task as you do with many others who slader TDM and BN. Your silence on the attacks by Zorro on BN and especially TDM may imply to some that there are some truth in what Zorro is blabbering about. You would normally give A PIECE OF YOUR MIND to anyone who crosses the line but why are you letting Zorro off the hook? He is doing major spin in Bagan Pinang with his lies. APOMM has a large following and what you say has an impact on what people think. Please put this Zorro clown in his place. Regards.