Thursday, May 01, 2008

Selamat Datang, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Yes. The title really reads welcome to Tun. No no, Tun is not coming to Canberra. The student councils here and I believe the local UMNO Club are not allowing this to happen. My proposals have been shot down time after time even with the new President and committee in place.

I have repeatedly said I have the contact of Tun's PA and can make things happen. But yet, it is still brushed aside. So anyway, I am not here to slam the Malaysian students in Canberra. Everyone has their opinion and decisions. I will leave this issue closed for now. But, I have been told by Encik Sufi that Tun might be coming to one of the cities on Australia. If I have the time, I might consider going there.

I dont know much of the details or whether it is confirmed or not. I was told about the name of the city but I shall not mention anything out for certain reasons. I shall not talk too much on that.

But yes. Welcome Tun. To the world of blogging ! Finally, we have Tun Dr Mahathir voicing everything out via the web. I remember reading Tun doesn't like technology stuff. I remember also reading that Tun dislikes typing out his speeches. He prefers to handwrite them. And he dislikes using mobile phones.

Haha. So it is quite interesting to see Tun join the community of bloggers although I believe there is someone who helps him enter all his points and opinions online. For those interested, please visit .

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