Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Girl I Love Always

Dear readers of A Piece of My Mind, I shall do something that I have never done or perhaps rarely done in A Piece of My Mind. It has become inevitable that I have lost her for the moment, or perhaps in the long run.

At this moment, as recent as 10th - 11th of May, the words of my love still ring in my head, and I cannot believe what she said in this day. It is in stark contrast as compared to the words she uttered on May 4th. Perhaps, there are several reasons she said certain words that really stunned me.

However, dear readers, let me do something that I want to do now. I would like to blog all about this girl I love always. Let me share with you the sentimental side of me. Perhaps some say this is not the place to blog about her, but let me do it. Let me make myself proud of her. And let her know how important she is, that I can tell the world about us and our stories.

For now, I can say that she is not mine anymore. The future is still far ahead. Many things can still change. These are all within the powers of God and the decree of Fate. I shall talk more on this later.

The time now is 6.17am and I have not slept for 26 hours I think. My record was 39 hours straight. Haha. I want to retire to bed for a while soon. This blog entry at this odd hour, is to inform my readers that at this moment, I am really at the lowest and darkest point in my life.

I do not know why, but my luck throughout the month of April hasn't been good and now it extends to May. I took my relationship with my first love seriously. And I had plans of the future with her. However, circumstances changed not on my side, but on the other side. That made me helpless, stressed, and frustrated.

I shall blog about it later. To blog about politics, I need some time. Because I want to write out all I have been through, about this marvellous girl whom I love so much even now despite all these. My love for has never faded. Even at this moment I am typing this. This girl I love, deserves a place in this popular blog called A Piece of My Mind.

That is all I want to say now. Do look forward to read about my life story here soon. After that, I will decide whether to blog on about politics, or really take some time off to map my life once again. Because all these while, I have done everything for her till I map my life with her as a significant variable in my equation.

Some might say I need to get over it and move on, but my dear friends, after reading so many of my blog entries, I believe you all know I am the loyal, confident, loving, caring and emotional type. To suddenly see all our sweet promises being forgotten and overlooked just like that, I have a weird feeling. Some call it betrayal, some call it hurtful. But to me, it is neither.

It is pure sadness. It is as though I have a baby child. And this child have grown up with freedom. But tells me that she wants to leave home to experience something new, something fun and nice. To me, I will wait at home. I will go out in search of my kid. To make sure she is fine and be with me again one day. Because I know, I am the only one who can give her the happiness that she wants.

All these years, I can see the sincerity of our love, the laughters and cries. It was all so beautiful. So beautiful that this sudden change shocks the people around us. I shall leave it for another time to talk about the details.

For now, take care everyone till we meet again.

Wei Liang Goh,
Editor of A Piece of My Mind

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julian said...

take care my friend, remember there is a silver lining in every rain cloud.
julian-----a reader from singapore