Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How Can I Not Support You, Datuk Husam?

Hmm. I admit it has been quite some time since I visited . Not really long but yeah ... I used to read it almost everyday in the past. Haha.

Sorry about that Sheih. I am back reading your blog now more often and it is touching to read the care and love of Datuk Husam for the rakyat. And rakyat here is not only Kelantanese but Malaysians.

Read it here
and you will know what I mean.

Keep it up Bro Sheih ! I enjoy reading Datuk Husam's good deeds. Well some people might say, I might be bias just listening and reading everything good about Datuk Husam. But for now, how can I not support you, Datuk Husam?

I hope one day Datuk Husam becomes the Kelantan MB. That time, we could see Kelantan evolving into a economic zone and a rich state soon. I am not implying Tuan Guru is not doing a good job now. He has been an amazing leader since PAS won Kelantan. Otherwise, why the voters never voted him out? But I believe a new generation will have to take over from Tuan Guru Nik Aziz soon.

And my vote is surely for Datuk Husam Musa although I know PAS members will not like my interference with their internal party politics. Nevertheless, keep it up Datuk !

I surely hope one day The Star, NST or Utusan can start giving focus to the good deeds of several MPs like Datuk Husam. I believe there are several others. I used to hear from my parents that Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye was a good MP too in the past when in service. Always helping people out. Enough of seeing the UMNO fights, the Gerakan fights, the Pakatan fights, the confidence of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in forming the next Government, or Pak Lah saying BN will not fall.

Let us focus on touching stories like these. Start a weekly column on that, The Star. Or I think NST needs it more given that their sales have been bad. Haha.

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