Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Bad Run Continues

Well, my personal life is on a downward sloping curve. I just cant get past any day without having any problems or glitches. Sigh. I hope these goes away soon because I am getting tired.

I feel like I am standing at the beach and waves keep trashing me and make me fall. With each wave hits, I stand back up again. But as time passes, I am getting really tired of all these.

Sigh. Normally I dont talk about my personal life here, and I do it somewhere else. But this one seems special to me. I was in class just now for International Econs tutorial. Suddenly I felt something fell from my eyes. Haha. I thought it was the wax but it felt big.

So I looked down at my paper and saw my nose pad there. Damn. My nose pad broke. After class, I came home to leave my bag and went back to Union Court in Uni. I went to the optometrist. Walked in there and asked if they can change my nose pad for me.

"Well certainly. That will be 3.50 dollars for one". She took my specs and went behind the counter to get the nose pad and showed me. I agreed with the size and she went on to change it.

Suddenly I recalled her words. 3.50 for one. Haha. It is weird in Australia buy they do sell individual stuff, although normally it comes in a pair. I asked again if it is just ONE or ONE PAIR. She said she meant 3.50 for one and 6 dollars for one pair !

Do I look like I have a choice? Haha. I dont want to end up with weird different nose pads. So I took the PAIR. And I paid 6 dollars for it. In RM, it is 18 Ringgit !!

Doesnt matter .... sigh .... I wonder what is next for me tomorrow :'(

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