Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What A Joke !!

Was browsing through Malaysia-Today.net and shocked to read such a headline ... Malaysia hopes VW will rescue Proton , posted by RPK and written by Forbes .

So I went to Forbes.com to check out the article . The headline was even "better" . Malaysia Holds Out Hope For VW Rescue Of Proton . For those of you who lead Proton in the management team , what have you got to say ?

Maybe you should have a "For Immediate Release" press statement .

Let me design one for you .


Proton Holdings , Malaysia's national carmaker , had RM 2 billion in cash not long ago . However , because of a dispute with Tengku Mahaleel in terms of direction of Proton's goals , the shareholders and board members decided not to renew his contract . Today , the management under Dato' Mohammed Azlan bin Hashim and Dato' Haji Syed Zainal Abidin bin Syed Mohamad Tahir , could not exploit the advantage we had from Tengku Mahaleel's time . Due to various reasons which include operation costs , costs of parts , global commodity prices and competition in the local and international industry , we have reached a decision to send a message to the automobile industry to come save us . We totally need help and please rescue us .

What a joke !! TDM warned us all along that the transaction of MV Augusta and Gevi Spa was a mistake . And yes indeed , BMW bought a subsidiary for an amount unimaginable to Proton's financiers . Of course , we were "right" to sell MV Augusta at that point taking into account all factors , according to Datuk Seri AAB , Proton , and the Malaysian Government .

I just hope we can maintain Proton . Maybe you should sell Proton to Tengku Mahaleel , TDM and his family , Syed Mokhtar , Teh Hong Piow , Vincent Tan , Gnanalingam , Ananda Krishnan . Let these people form a consortium and takeover Proton . I believe that will be better . I think at this point of time , Proton is worth .... RM 4 ?

Maybe . But what a joke . Forbes said that "Malaysia Holds Out Hope For VW Rescue Of Proton " .

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