Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cats Vs Dogs... and now pigs ?

We have lived harmoniously for the past 50 years . Non Malays have been advised not to bring up sensitive issues . Malays as well . We have the ever famous heroes of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datuk Seri Hishammudin waving the keris . Of course they all came out defensive saying the Chinese can wave the Shaolin swords too .

MCA did not . We remembered the importance of unity . Ultra Malays in UMNO started playing the racial card . And when MCA tried raising the issue of Chinese not being 2nd class citizens and other issues like Mandarin , Chinese schools .... we have huge parties creating the hoo-haa saying MCA is indeed racist like DAP .

And bear in mind that no MCA leaders waved any Shaolin swords . Please do remember that Shaolin martial arts are used defensively and have never been any mean of attacking strategy . If indeed one day I wave the Shaolin sword in MCA , it only means I stand to defend the rights of all Malaysians . But I remember someone saying they will bathe the keris in Chinese or non Malay blood . Wow ...

Now .... the issue of pig farmers being driven out of Malacca .... read it from blogger Ktemoc . Yeah ... you know I have heard stories about pig farmers in Kelantan and they seem all right with their living and business there . Not sure if this is true . But if it is , it creates the doubt deep inside me of whether UMNO or PAS is more towards national unity .

We all know the environment issue . But why not look at Sungai Kelang or Gombak ? I think the mamak's kopi ais looks better . The river flowing at Klang .... not Pelabuhan Klang area.... but at Klang ...yeah.... where the bak kut tehs are famous ..... the river is "SUPERB" !

And of course another disturbing issue .

I would like to call upon the RSPCA of Malaysia , the International RSPCA and all Animal Rights Group to file a lawsuit against the City or Town Council of Selayang . Name the defendants as the State Government of Selangor , the Director of the Selayang Council , and the Organizers . I don't have enough money to file lawsuits . Otherwise , trust me . I swear I will press charges on this . This is practically bullshit !

I understand that there are people from Australia who reads my blog as well . And even a friendly man in Perth whom I don't know .. reads my blog .... received a comment from him before about the CCP .

For those of you who do not understand the above banner which is in Malay Language ( it is known as Malaysian Language now ) ..... allow me to translate .

Pertandingan = Competition
Menangkap = Catch , capture
Anjing = Dogs
Antara = Between
Jawatankuasa = Committee
Penduduk = Residents , people residing in an area

Majlis Perbandaran Selayang will be the City Council of Selayang . Selayang is a district in Selangor .

Basically , it means there will be dog catching competition in Selayang . Dog catching . Ktemoc raised the issue that perhaps the City Council of Selayang should say stray dogs .

To me , KTEMOC , let me tell you Sir . The fact that they did not mention stray dogs raises the issue of a threat to properties of each dog owner . Dogs with licences are owned by their respective owners . And I believe they should file lawsuits for compensations of locking their dogs in their homes for safety ... compensations for restricting the rights of their dogs moving around , going for walks ... compensation for fear of losing their pets and the possible misery they will experience .

Secondly , just let them catch all the stray dogs . That is how we do it in Malaysia . We use rifles and shotguns ... we even have a dog unit in Malaysia !! Yes , my fellow international friends . It is true . In Malaysia , authorities shoot dogs .

But of course we do have birds which have possibilities of carrying avian flu flying around , we have many cats running around freely . In Malaysia people argue that dogs bite . So they cant roam around without their owner ..... cats can you know . I used to have cats running into my house . I am DAMN SERIOUS !!

I remember reading that cats bring dangerous diseases as well . Cats eat up rats and fish . People who have hamsters ... mice ... or fish ( be it expensive or cheap ) .... make sure your houses are properly sealed . And I mean sealed . Cats can run into your house and eat them up and you won't even know whose cats !

They can be stray , they can be owned . And when I say owned , I would like YB LIM KIT SIANG to check out and see how many cat owners actually register their pets . Seriously .... dogs are required to have licences.... in fact many other animals . I am just curious to know ... how many cats are registered in Malaysia .

If they are not ... I can go shooting cats !! It is legal right ? Oops ... I forgot it is illegal to have guns . Ok ... I will just throw my sharp darts at them .... will that be all right , my dear Malaysian Government ?


If those being hunted are cats instead of dogs , I believe it will not only piss me off ... it will make many Malaysians angry too . But dogs are not in line with the Muslim religion ... so perhaps this irks mainly the non Muslims . I would have thrown myself up and down if it were cats or rabits or guinea pigs that are being hunted down , being shot ...

I would like to thank Sheih Kickdefella for telling me to blog on . Blogging makes the world laugh at our Government's management and legislation , blogging lets me know how good Datuk Husam Musa is . Blogging lets me read about Dr Mahathir when all media blacks him out ... Blogging lets Malaysia-today reveal all the scandalous issues in Malaysia with concrete black and white evidence .... which of course are dismissed as rubbish by those in power and those involved . Blogging lets me read about how the unity team led by Rockybru , JeffOoi and other bloggers with their Bangsa Malaysia vision .

Man .... I would surely love to have friends like Rockybru ... Malaysians who have only unity in their minds . How I wish to see these bloggers , Raja Nazrin , Sultan of Selangor ... etc .... form a party of politics and run for office .

I don't like jokers who play their racial cards , who shout out sexist remarks , who organize dog hunts ..... I can understand boar hunting .... bear hunting .... tiger hunting or any hunting done in forest reserves which involve non endangered animals . But dogs do not live in jungles . Dogs live with their owners , streets etc .

To stop dogs being wild and stray , education is the key ....

I have personally seen a dog dumped at the hockey stadium in Ipoh . Exactly where the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is held . Yes . I always go there for walks with family . And for three days in a row , we fed this dog with buns and cakes and biscuits and water from the bakery ... hoping that it will find its way home because the dog looked so weak and cold . But we decided to pay the vet to take this dog in the end after a few days , I named him Bobby . The license tag on the dog says it is not local .... most probably dumped by his owner .

I assumed that because the dog stayed at the same place for 3 days ! The only explanation is that he was hoping for his owner to come back for him . Then , mom's friend took Bobby home .
And he is still happy till today !

I promise you ... if I see a cat , a rabbit or a guinea pig there .... I will definitely have done the same . I not only treat animals nice , but humans too .

Many times I have gone out with Sue Ann , and we both used to empty our pockets of change for the homeless who lie around ... many times my family have bought food for those who are begging outside restaurants . Cant really give them money because mom has personally seen them using the money to smoke and drink !

So you see , my dear Malaysian Government . It is time we change . Put it in the BN's manifesto . Write it down . Let me help you .

1. Education on animal rights , education on animal ownership responsibility .
2. Build more welfare homes and improve the unemployment benefits to help the poor and homeless so that they can rebuild their lives

If you can't do these , I will vote for another party then . I believe many will follow me . These things will be on my agenda next time if I join the crazy idiotic political world of Malaysia .

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