Thursday, September 27, 2007

Calm Down

Firstly , the word calm down should go to the PM's Dept . I believe the PM's Dept called the FRU and the police force to safeguard Putrajaya during the Lawyers' March .

Of course demonstrations are highly dangerous in our country because Malaysia is never used to having peaceful and learned demonstrations like in the Western countries . Asia has a long history of bloody demonstrations . The word bloody here is not to emphasize the word "demonstrations" like we use to say "that blardy fool" . But it is really the word associated with the red blood .

I can easily name many . In Taiwan , Korea , Indonesia and Thailand , we have parliamentarians protesting in Parliaments . We have Members of the Noble House trading punches and throwing chairs . We have mass demonstrations and ended up grabbing the President out of the palace .

Asia is not only the continent that has this problem but what I'm saying that Asia is notorious for these bloody demonstrations . Of course towards the West we have Argentina's former President having to flee the Presidential Palace in chopper .

I of course cannot blame the PM's Dept if they called in the FRU and the PDRM . I still remember seeing a TV3 car smashed in KL during the Anwar Ibrahim topic . We can see through television , national media as well as independent media who the protesters were . Through dressing and attitude , many assumed them to be young Malaysian kids and some even went to the extent to say that they were mainly foreign workers . How true these were , we don't know . But what I can say is I don't remember seeing people in suits or people with grey hair , or women in proper attire involved in the protests in 1998 .

Through the pictures of the Lawyers' March , there are men and women in suits . Men in suits of course have a history of being violent like in Taiwan , Korea . But in this Lawyers' March of Justice , the demonstration consists of mainly learned people who are lawyers , famous bloggers (you can use the word notorious bloggers if you want , Mr PM) , and the media . People of these background , do you need a water cannon in front of the PM's Dept ?

I believe Mr Edmund and Rockybru wanted this protest to be a peaceful one . And with such a prominent background in the pack of demonstrators , will they try to be funny ? What I do not understand is the denial of entry of the buses into Putrajaya .

As far as I know , I have been to Putrajaya's JPA Dept a few times for my travel , study and the Perdana scholarship candidacy arrangements and meetings . Each time I was there , I see commercial buses ferrying passengers there . I don't really know why you stop the buses . Perhaps the figure 5km is enough to make these demonstrators who were in suits and formal attire to turn back and go home ?

I was surprised to read that the lawyers were cheerful during their 5km walk to Putrajaya . 5km , my friends , is no small matter walk when you are in formal attire .

And I even read that it rained ? Not very sure what time it was raining . Perhaps some cloud seeding ? Well well ... I am not trying to create stories here ... but I remember Tun used a phrase before ,"The world loves conspiracies" .

Secondly , I would like to advise the public to calm down and not blame the administration of AAB . We should not even blame TDM for this . In the US and UK , many of us know they even have lobbyist organizations . They do things like the Lingam - Fairuz - Tengku Adnan case .

Perhaps we can see whoever is involved in getting Fairuz to be the CJ as lobbyists . I know many will not agree to this .

In Malaysia , we call it .... what is that you say .... fixing of judges ?

Anyway , firstly , AAB is not involved in this at all . So , I hope bloggers do not go crazy in forums or postings and start attacking an innocent man . TDM is also an innocent man . He sits at the highest office in Malaysia . And he receives advice and recommendations from his advisors on many issues .

Appointment of the CJ should be clear and independent of any motives and presented to the PM at that time . However, a lawyer playing a part in the appointment of the CJ together with Cabinet members , this might be a juicy scandal .

Issues like this , any commission answerable to the public , the Malaysian Govt , the Bar Council and the Parliament of Malaysia headed by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong will be sufficient . Any commission investigating this should be independent and not politically affiliated . I believe Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye has a good history and is qualified . I am not sure of the other two who are appointed .

So we should all calm down and look at this positively and await a positive result . We should not get all hot up and start blasting away without proper thoughts .

At this time , we should also ask DSAI why was the tape released now and not before . When was the tape received by the Opposition and who recorded it . Maybe the "who recorded it" part can be ignored to safeguard the identity of this person .

Moreover , we have other cases now as well . We also should not be diverted of our attention of the PKFZ scandal . That involved billions of Malaysian Ringgit . Billions .

All right then . The most important thing is , we are a peaceful nation and we should do things the proper way and approach issues in a calm manner .

Have a good day !

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