Friday, September 07, 2007

Today I Shall Break My Principle

I am always an animal lover . From feline animals ... to those with wings.... to those with fins.... and to anything with tails ... I like my zoo visits when I was young ....

You see.... animals are creation of God regardless of what religion you believe in . Muslims , Christians , Buddhists and Hindus believe that animals are creation of God , just like us being one of the marvellous creations .

Note : I do not remember any religion motivating people to catch any animal as a sport or competition

In Malaysia , we don't see tigers running around the streets . We see dogs and cats .... once a while we see iguanas .... squirrels perhaps in less populated areas ....

But the question is why do we only target dogs ? Of course many argue that dogs attack human . Erm , if one day I come over to slap Mr X , will Mr X give me five fingers + palm = slap ? Or will he give me a hug + handshake = friendship ?

The same goes with any animal . You attack a bull .... sorry lah ... the bull will attack you . So it is with dogs . I can assure you 90% of the stray dogs are merely hunting for food around ... and they wont harm people unless they are harmed .

I know one of my granduncle ... though he is a nice person ... I still remember seeing him wanting to beat a harmless dog that was passing by him one day . So yes .... you see ... the reports we read in papers.... it gives me suspicions of which party started the "fight" first between the human and the dog ... dogs cant defend themselves in human words .... so we all trust our fellow human right ?

Let me present some facts to you about the danger of cats roaming around . I am not trying to wage war on cats .... but let me tell you that danger of animals running around the streets do not come from dogs only .

Allow me to quote one of the articles written .

By Rodl P

The population of stray cats in towns expands due to irresponsible behaviour of humans who allow them to enter cellars, hot water canals, store rooms etc. As a result of frequent feeding some specimens become tame, lose their shyness and on contact with humans and domestic animals they can become the source of some infectious agents. The most important of thus transmitted diseases is rabies. Cats become infected from foxes on rubbish heaps on the periphery of communities. More than 60% of cases of rabies of domestic animals are found in cats. Toxoplasmosis--cats excrete the infectious stage of the causal agent in their excreta. In the same manner also the agent causing intestinal salmonelloses is excreted. More than 5% cats are infected. Via excreta also the causal agents of toxocariasis are spread--the larvae of cat thread worms settle in the internal organs of humans (larva migrans). The assumed incidence in cats is as high as 50%, as suggested also by the high positivity of specimens from children playgrounds. Stray cats may be the source of agents causing various dermatomycoses and of ectoparasites.

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