Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank you , MPS

Firstly , I retract all my blasting remarks directed at MPS with regards to the Dog Hunting Competition . I am glad to read that MPS decided to scrap off this program .

Secondly , I would like to thank SPCA Selangor and their President , Christine . Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in the process of dumping this competition for good . Thank you to all the NGOs involved too .

However , I do not agree with the demonstration of 50 people few days ago . This style is low scale demonstration and demonstrations in Malaysia will not work like in US , Philippines and Indonesia . A better approach in future would be to have a showdown talk with MPS , the local MP , Datuk Tang and also NGOs .

I understand from that the 40 MPS officials met with 5 NGO reps were not "friendly" at all . Perhaps MPS still stand by what they feel is right to them i.e. HUNT DOGS !

Nevertheless , well done . Thank you to the Director of MPS . I do not know if you voluntarily approved the scrapping of this project or you were pressured to do so . What is actually in your mind and heart now , we do not know .

Now , Datuk Tang See Hang . As far as the NGOs , SPCA and I am concerned , I do not know how long will your political career be . And yes , don't need to fume . I am attacking you personally . I do not know how you could hit the gong and put pen to paper in officiating this Dog Hunting Competition . I don't know whether you were rational at that moment . Where was the kind hearted politician , the lovely politician smile at every election , the soul appeasing words , the sweets of every voters' ears ?

Disappointing , Datuk Tang . But thank you for scrapping the project together with MPS . Do not try to be funny in future anymore . It is not funny at all , Datuk Tang . It is not logical at all , MPS . Good to hear that both MPS and Datuk Tang will be working with NGOs and SPCA especially . Go through the proper channels . We do not have police force in Malaysia for fun . They are curbing crime , ensuring peace and harmony . SPCA is here to help us with animals . Use SPCA .

Ok Datuk Tang ? Ok MPS ? Have a good day . By the way , be careful when you walk in the streets . I am pretty sure the dogs and cats and other animals in Selayang will not be friendly to the MPS officials and Datuk Tang . After all , if you declared war on another party , the other party will surely react . Every action has a reaction .

Good nite .

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