Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stupid Minds in Selayang after 50 years of Independence

I didn't really believe Ktemoc's banner about Selayang initially .... but I still blogged it . I have some time now .... so I did a search about the Dog Hunting Competition . Found it at the official website !!!

For those interested , let me give you the details ok ? For those who want to file lawsuits , please head to the nearest lawyer . Or I believe you can see your Member of Parliament to bring this up in Parliament . The gentlemen and ladies in Parliament are the members of the August house who has gained 50 years of Independence . I believe they are wise enough to laugh off this matter as usual ...

Seriously ...

Question Number 1 :
How are we to know that dogs that are caught do not belong to anyone ?

Answer Number 1 :
We don't .

Question Number 2 :
I thought dogs need to have tags at their collars all the time ?

Answer Number 2 :
Really !? How come I didn't know ? Cats and rabbits and guinea pigs don't have !!

Question Number 3 :
Will it increase burglary specifically targetting licensed home pets ?

Answer Number 3 :
Wah .... first prize RM 15000 la ! Of course people will break into your house and steal your brown fur shih tzu ... your labrador ... of course the criminals will throw away the collar and the licenses attached to the dogs ! Taaadaaa ! Then no one will know that the dogs are legal and have been illegally kidnapped from their owners !

Question Number 4 :
Are you kidding ?

Answer Number 4 :
No I am not ! The district council authorities are really doing it ! In fact , A Piece of My Mind will be organizing a guinea pig , rabbit and cat hunting soon with the same regulations , terms and conditions laid down by the district of Selayang ! Winners will receive a lawsuit from the International Animal Rights Group !

Question Number 5 :
What will the higher authorities do ? Will you report to any rights group ?

Answer Number 5 :
Oh ... they will just laugh it off saying it is legal to do so ... but of course I am contemplating about using my time to write to the International Animal Rights Group to file lawsuits in Malaysia .

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