Saturday, July 25, 2009

More questions on Teoh's death

Previously, I posted 3 sets of questions on Teoh Beng Hock's mysterious death from BigDogDotCom, Malaysiakini and of course my own random thoughts.

Read them here - Teoh's death mystery (a MUST read)

I had a little time yesterday night and found several more intriguing set of questions, on top of those I had posted before in the link above.

Allow me to post some of the questions here which I read in the online news portal newbie Malaysian Mirror.

Nightmares for Khalid after Teoh's death
  • If indeed Teoh was murdered, like some people are inclined to believe, the question would arise: who is going to benefit from such atrocity?

  • Is it the MACC, which Teoh was helping in the investigations of the alleged abuse of constituency funds?

  • Is it the Barisan Nasional-led Federal government , which allegedly influence decisions by the MACC?

  • Is it the DAP, since the Selangor representatives being investigated by the MACC are largely from that party?

  • Is it the PKR or PAS, two dissatisfied allies of the DAP in the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor state government?

  • Or is it some ‘mafia’ groups that had allegedly infiltrated into the Selangor state government?

By the way, do read this article HERE. I have been linked to the blog T4TBH. A friend alerted me to this latest piece while I was on the road to Canberra this morning.

Really hilarious given that the time and dates of the two articles posted in T4TBH, I was spending my time in class and out at Sydney Harbour for a whale watching trip.


bzz said...

Hahaha... the last part... So funny la that man!


just ignore them bro ( the blog margeemar). not worth your time.

keep writing. never fear to speak up.

donplaypuks® said...

There is another possibility which happens in deaths in custody which will render all your ifs and buts unnecessary.

No one planned to kill him, but it may have happened by accident but whoever caused it is still culpable. Something like that may have happened to Kugan too.

The ball is in MACC's court to explain all the conflicting statements nad vague time lines.

All this other hypotheses like Triads and DAP corruption is pure soap opera by peo-UMNO/BN politicians, bloggers and MSM!!

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

Anonymous said...

Maybe MIC or PPP flers... u know to divert attention from their internal bickering.

But it could also be an alien... something like twilight zone.

Anonymous said...

Bernard Khoo aka Zorro-Unmasked is also implying that you are T4TBH. Read here


Anonymous said...

An MIC accolyte spotted in this blog. deyyyy join Subramaniam lah.


Tony said...

MSM have been trying very hard through tv, papers and blogs to paint pretty pictures that the govt is fair and will do everything to get justice for TBH. That is all good and anyone else running the govt would do the same if they are indeed honest.

Then there are the stories and spins and lies being spread through bloggers such as yours. The advantages of this multi pronged strategy is quite evident when you think about it.

1) Make a big blunder and get away with it
2) blame PR/DAP for the murder through underworld when it is so very evident that MCA is the one that has links to the underworld.
3) Try to tamper with TBH's phone and laptop and frame the PR reps with corruption.
4) Take over the selangor govt which is the ultimate goal.

Unfortunately, MACC through their overzealousness in trying to be the master lap dog all, made a blunder and is now trying to cover up with all sorts of inconsistencies which is really hilarious sometimes.

But MR Goh, I really think you have no conscience. Were you born without one or have you sold it?

Anonymous said...

This death signifies the first move to oust the PKR from the selangor state government.

BN has removed the velvet gloves & is all out to remove DAP/PKR using dirty tactics via all their might - polis, MACC etc. They have gained confidence after successfully dumping PKR from Perak.

Mah Chye.

Tony said...

Actually, the more hilarious thing about the date is not about you whale watching. The dates shown in the article is prior to Mar 08. Please draw your own conclusions.

Recently your articles have gotten more and more stupid. So you will excuse me for being rude.

hocky on ice said...

Am disappointed. Dear donplaypuks, you are human after all. Don't give us your holy possibilities.

Tell us something we don't know.

Anonymous said...

Just answer me this!

If TBH was no longer in MACC custody, why then were they still in posession of TBH's H/P???

Stop selling your soul to UMNO!!?

Anonymous said...

MACC prosecuting (?) BN big wigs...
hahah token effort lah

KUALA LUMPUR, July 27 – Malaysia’s much-hyped fight against graft is headed nowhere unless there is a seismic shift in the competence of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

Today’s acquittal of former Commercial Crime Director Datuk Ramli Yusoff by the Sessions Court in Kota Kinabalu confirms what has become an all-too-familiar outcome for both agencies: big case ending in humiliating defeat.

Ramli was charged with using police aircraft to view two pieces of property in which his real estate company had an interest. The prosecution, represented by MACC deputy public prosecutors Kevin Morais and Joyce Blasius, called 75 witnesses to make their case.

But this is what Sessions Court Judge Supang Lian had to say: “The prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case and the accused deserves to be acquitted and discharged.’’

Another big case, another resounding defeat in the court room.

It has happened before in the corruption trials involving Tan Sri Eric Chia, Datuk Saidin Thamby, Datuk Mohd Mirza Taiyub and several other high-profile cases.

Sometimes, the judges have been charitable, remarking only that the prosecution did not manage to meet its burden of proof. At times, comments from the Bench have provided a peek into the preparedness of the MACC and its predecessor, the ACA and the prosecutors from the AG’s Chambers.

After acquitting former Tourism Ministry director-general Mirza Taiyub of accepting dental treatment without consideration, the judge noted that the prosecution had been made in bad faith and the case was soft.

After acquitting former Perwaja boss Eric Chia of graft, the judge painted a damning picture of incompetence on the part of the prosecutors, noting that they had not called key witnesses and did not proffer the charges well.

Several conclusions can be reached after studying the dismal record that the ACA/MACC and the AG Chambers have had in obtaining convictions in high-profile corruption cases.

Firstly, the quality of investigation and collection of evidence by the graft busters must be so poor that in many cases, the accused persons are let off without even the defence being called.

Secondly, officials in the AG’s Chambers have little clue on what is expected of the evidence they present in the courts and are simply pushing through cases to please the enforcement agencies or their political masters.

Perhaps even more troubling is the fact that the AG’s Chambers has lost a string of high-profile criminal cases, suggesting that weakness in this government agency is not limited to one branch but is a systemic failure.

Based on their recent track record, do both these organisations have the ability to lead in the battle against graft in Malaysia? No.

Based on their recent track record, you would have to say that the ACA/MACC and the AG’s Chambers have failed to meet a key component of their KPIs: making their cases count in court.


donplaypuks® said...


The very 1st invoice at T4TBH is a fake.

$1,800 (less 5%) should be -$90 = $1,710. Instead it is written as %1,800 (less 5%) – $180 = $1,620!!??

Bernie Madhoff school of Maths, Fianance and Projects? Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Only fools will believe this guy who can't add 2 + 2!

T4TBH - fake of the century!! Probably failed Standard 5 Maths lah! Muahaha!

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh it looks like Zorro is toying with you and wants to make you look childish. This zorro is sneaky and cut and paste your comment in his blog in Margeemar. You must remember zorro and margeemar are sama kaki pro pakatan bloggers. You can find zorro's coment here