Thursday, July 16, 2009

Battle of the warlords in Selangor

Who will benefit from the internal bickering ? There is an obvious line being drawn now within Pakatan Rakyat Selangor and the warlords are grouping up.

Team A vs Team B.

It was reported that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had a meeting with Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah, the husband and wife team in PKR. I am surprised with that move actually.

In fact, the protocol of State affairs must be respected. Everyone seems to be forgetting about the responsibility of the Menteri Besar to seek an audience with the Sultan of Selangor and brief HRH on the latest matters.

Two accusations of "susah untuk bertemu MB (pendukung Ketuanan Rakyat) have been thrown into the ring.

Just to stray a little, don't forget that YB Hee Yit Foong in Perak had the same complaint too that she could not even get a meeting with the former Perak MB Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin.

Let us see what "old problems" came about in Selangor
  1. PAS Selangor vs concerts by international artistes
  2. Control of liquor selling proposal by DAP Selangor
  3. Cows bought using State funds for the MB's constituency
  4. Personal car Lexus used as official MB car, maintenance paid by State
  5. Distribution of waste concessionaires among Pakatan parties (accused by Thiruvenggadam - dropped from new councillors list)
  6. MP Kapar said it is hard to meet the MB, only got to meet aide
  7. YB Wee Choo Keong said it is an open secret among State Govt leaders that an EXCO member's office has underworld links

A few days ago, I posted an article - Selangor Govt crumbling - and I think the chronological report of news from the alternative media show signs of disunity among Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

I shall continue with the latest articles here but after reading it, tell yourself everything is "okay".

Azmin continues attacking Selangor Govt
PKR’s Azmin Ali today continued his tirade against the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government today, trading barbs with senior executive councillor Teresa Kok during debates at the state legislative assembly. Azmin, who got up to speak, became agitated. He lashed out at the Kinrara lawmaker for hitting out at him only at the end of her debate, depriving him of an opportunity to respond. He cited press reports in which Kok had been quoted as questioning his conduct last week and said it was unfair that she was not willing to take him on in the assembly. The PKR whip said he was merely voicing out the conscience of the majority by pointing out the shortcomings of the state government during debates at the legislative assembly last week.

PKR-DAP spat worsens with row in state assembly
On Khalid's meeting with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and other top party leaders, Azmin refused to divulge details. However, sources said Khalid was called up by the PKR adviser to discuss the appointment of local councillors in Selangor. The appointment of several councillors to the Ampang Municipal Council and the Shah Alam City Council had irked many local leaders as they were not consulted over the selection.

What 'underground business activities' ?
After Azmin Ali threw a tantrum and called for a reshuffling of the Selangor exco, one ex-DAP “shit stirrer” jumped into the deep end. In his blog, Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong went as far as to say a Exco member’s office was being used as the meeting place for people involved with “underground business activities”.

Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas
My posting on the support for the call by YB Azmin Ali for the reshuffle of the Selangor exco was very simple and clear. I had not mentioned the name of the exco member concerned or which political party he or she belonged to. YB Ronnie Liew Liu jumped at the statement in my blog just like YB Teresa Kok jumped at YB Azmin Ali’s speech in the Selangor State Assembly calling for the reshuffling of the Selangor state exco.

I wonder which Team the guy in the above pic (Speaker Teng Chang Khim) belongs and I am still waiting to hear his words on the dirty mud wars of his Ketuanan Rakyat and SELCAT teammates.


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Anonymous said...

Any postings about your MCA Team A v Team B with the sex tapes??

Ah Chye

Long said...

Those are hardly evidences to support your claim. Come up with something substantial worthy of your so called masters.

Tony said...

MCA has their own team A and B. Only difference is they are not man enough to show it. Just like their partnership with UMNO is not really a partnership. Whenver UMNO sya something they can only keep their tails between their legss. Remember when OTK said to hold payment to KDSB? Wah, sound so accountable but shortly after, MOF issue instruction to pay up. How ah like that? Our big minister of transport got say or no say one? Or just continue to be lap dog of this so called partnership?

I think PR is more transparent in this sense as they bring their grouses and issues out in the open. As the rakyat we want to see them iron it out. Not like BN, big brother say something, all the machai say yes sir. Even my dog is not so obedient.

donplaypuks® said...

Hell, mention 'underworld' and you go off at a tangent and bring in the Mafia, Triads, )08 & everything.

What about the time Ong Ka Ting was photograped with Jackie Chan, the M'sian Triad Boss? There is evidence in black & white but OKT & MCA denied.

But when it comes to Pakatan, you can write a thesis without a shred of proof.

I don't think you are 23 and I think you are an UMNO/MCA plant!!