Sunday, July 05, 2009

Compensation package - Kg Buah Pala

Guan Eng, why not compensate Kg Buah Pala villagers too ?

It has been said that the developers are no longer paying the villagers a single cent. And CM Lim Guan Eng recently warned the developers that they must still proceed to compensate the villagers.

Some people in another blog slammed me for saying that the developers are compensating the villagers and that they are worthy of some credit. It seems that CM Lim is also saying the same thing !

We now must decide whether
  • that place is a heritage of our country
  • that place is a probable tourist attraction place
  • that 6 acres piece of land is best kept as it is or bulldozed for development (the banes and boons from the lenses of economic theory)

Development must proceed, just like how plantation owners and other Malay and Chinese villages had to make way for development of the country to house more people and to elevate the area's economic status.

I believe Singapore went through such a testing phase politically, socially and economically before in their tiny island.

No hard feelings to the villages of Kg Bala and I apologize if I am wrong and fail to understand your sensitivities.

I am here to provide solutions to the deadlock based on the options left for us to consider, on top of what DAP Penang leaders have suggested.

Now if we recall, the average compensation offered by the developer is about RM 200,000. Cattle owners were offered RM 330,000 together with a 5 year rent free piece of land in Balik Pulau.

The State Government also received RM 3.21 million for the sale of the land to Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Pulau Pinang back in 2007.

Given that it is now 2009, assuming 2 years interest earned at 3% p.a., the RM 3.21 million is worth approximately RM 3.405 million today.

There are reportedly 23 families in Kg Buah Pala now. (figure was initially quoted by media previously as 45 families but Lim said only 23 families)

I am sure the State Government can afford to disburse the RM 3.405 million to the families of Kg Buah Pala on top of the State ordered compensation by Nusmetro Ventures.

This will average out to about RM 148,000 for each family. In total, the families will receive on average RM 348,000 in cash.

Perhaps the State Government will be kind enough to draft out a housing loan, subsidy or proper housing allocation to the families affected.

This development project in Penang will see a housing project comprising
  • 740 units of low and medium cost homes,
  • 8 shoplots,
  • 1 community hall,
  • 1 kindergarten.

Perhaps NVSB, Penang Development Corporation and Penang State Government can work something out to house the 45 families among the 740 units too ?

Or will the State Government continue to blame the previous administration and pass the buck to other parties to solve the current State problems ?

Doing this is not helpful either.

High Chaparral 'rep' abandons her own PC
The Kampung Buah Pala crisis today took a strange twist when a high ranking PKR official apparently 'coerced' one of the villagers to praise the state government's handling of the affair.

One can only wonder what other amazing feat PKR Penang can achieve besides this guided Press Conference, the Aminah Tape and the abuse of power as exposed by Jeff Ooi.


vinnan said...

Typical BN bastards. Make a mess, runs and hide. We all know the true beneficiary of this land grab is Penang UMNO. Nizar is right UMNO memang pondan,

TokAyah said...

Vinnan, why blame BN? When you chosed the government and you must asked them to solve the problem. If they cannot solve this kampung problem then dont talk of govern the nation. Now you must call all the Hindraf and riot in front of Lim Guan Eng office. wheres you leader P Ramasamy he must come up and show his the real hero. Don't just leave it to Guan Eng.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, uncle Goh TK will single handedly hand millions back to these peasants.

ah miaw

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Agreed with Wei Liang and Tok Ayah. Vinnan, you have anything else to say? Next!

Anonymous said...

I am a Penangnite
And I will still vote for PKR even if they cannot handle this case!

5 more years under UMNO and BN and Tsu Koon would have sold the whole island to UMNO's cronies and their companies to fund his retirement fund and left us all for dead!

However incompetent DAP/Keadilan/PAS is, it cannot be worst than the corrupted UMNO and BN!

Incompetence is still better than malicious corruption!

Jimmy Tham said...

This I'll have to agree with the post. When people put a government in place, they expect it to solve a problem and not point shit at their predecessor.

But a word of caution to pro-BN bloggers, it is best to not make a stand in this case and simply watch it by sideline. I'm pretty sure there are a few squatters in BN controlled states sitting on government land too. You might have to take your word back and eat it. =)

Just a hypothetical question althought I know Kampung Baru is not an illegal settlement but there are a few similarities there. Capitalist pigs trying to geth their fingers on high prized lands, developing it and sell it for a profit. Wonder how things will turn out then.