Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anwar vs PPSMI - Classic Racial Segregation

Vote him.

Means this.

"... pendirian Pakatan Rakyat di Parlimen mengenai pembelajaran Matematik dan Sains dalam Bahasa Inggeris, saya kata, saya pertamanya mahu tegas Bahasa Melayu bahasa rasmi, Bahasa Inggeris bahasa penting kita patut belajar.

Tetapi ... kita mesti kembalikan pengajaran Matematik dan Sains dalam bahasa ibunda sekolah masing-masing !"

(Anwar Ibrahim, SJK(C) Sin Ming Puchong, 22 February 2009) - Malaysiakini TV

  • This is Anwar Ibrahim. For those who vote and support him, thank you and continue to do so.
  • My generation and the generations to come after me will suffer because of your votes for this man.

  • Is he really a man who fights for unity and a Malaysian Agenda or is he fighting for his final push to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

  • If a Chinese educated student who studies and explains femur, tibia, oxidation, natrium chloride, ventriol, artery etc in Chinese words, what will happen?
  • Chinese students will only go to Chinese schools and Chinese-based tuition centres.
  • When he comes out as a learned man, he will find it hard to proceed and explain what part of bone is broken on a needy Malay or Indian man's leg, hypothetically.

  • The same goes for other vernacular schools and I need not extrapolate the case to a university future of these students as we all can imagine the scenario from here on.

  • That is clearly a cheap political stunt from Anwar Ibrahim for a short term gain by sacrificing the future.

  • I maintain my position that Dong Jiao Zong should back down from the protest against the PPSMI.

  • I urge the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) leaders not to bow to pressure from the ridiculously self-contradicting policies and statements of the Opposition on the PPSMI issue.
  • MCA should also stand firm with their position and not give in to Dong Jiao Zong's demand to revert Science and Mathematics back to our mother languages - Malay, Chinese and Tamil.
  • If MCA succumbs to pressure and kowtow to these demands, MCA will be making a big mistake and the generations to come will suffer.
  • The Cabinet must decide and Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong must table not only the protests of GMP and Dong Jiao Zong but also the views of bloggers, students and teachers who are pro-PPSMI.
  • Let the Cabinet decide with complete and perfect information.


pith soh beh said...

so agree with u WL....have u read this article from the NST?

i cant believe there are people who are still so deluded over this issue and to claim that the information available in Chinese medium is just 30% lesser than what they've got in English...plain bull crap...and he talked about pride too...the dropout rates of the vernacular schools have shown that there is a great flaw in them, i think before they talk about the PPSMI, they should think of ways to tackle their dropout first

Wei Liang Goh said...

Goodness. I didnt read that article and was unaware of it.

These people really don't know what they are talking about.

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Dear Wei Liang,

Like you said, just a cheap political stunt from few people especially Anwar Ibrahim. He is just a person who go to Malay shop and say, I like nasi lemak most, and then go to the Indian stall and say I like capati most and finally go the the Chinese stall and say I like Yong Tou Fu most. Duhh ...

Jeffry said...

hello wei liang

i'm a new guy who juz step into your blog. i'm glad that i found a new friend who share a same thought and vision.
perhaps we can exchange some story for a better view in near future :-)

your new pal,

AuntyKu said...

That fella really gets on my nerves lah. But why so many people support him? Everything he says they believe 100%.

Jimmy Tham said...

because he is the lesser of 2 evils and hasn't commit any major mistakes yet.

all he did was mere rhetorics and promises of rewards and accountability if he is elected into power.

He can't be proven wrong until he gets into power and at the mean time Umno BN are doing it wrong while in power. So dear all, please understand why the masses choosed to believe him, just like a desperately ill person who resorted to traditional medicine and bomoh, the people are just tired of UMNO BN and if someone could promise a "miracle" cure, who wouldn't want to give it a try.

Yet I agree, it would be my belief that education and healthcare shouldn't be politicised at all. Let's put pride and glory aside, isn't learning and mastering a new language itself in essence is LEARNING? Knowing the unknown? I don't see any wrong in mastering a new set of skill. If those who are against it claimed that learning it in chinese or malay alone would be sufficient just like how Japan and France did, you would be surprised to know that now they are faulting their past leaders for their failure in capitalising their research as by the time they are done translating and modifying their research to suits global market, the west and in some case China had already pushed its generic version into the market.

Until China's GDP, consumption and R&D capabilities match that of the west, the west still lord over us. That's the fact. Plus, wouldn't it be better to master English and get the chance at getting into India market as well, Bi-lingual, best of both worlds.

JX said...

Hey Wei Liang,

Jianxian here. Managed to hijacked your blog :p..i'm afraid just a lot of malaysian chinese whouldn't understand it...aka traditions(i'll be bashed for this)over logical thinking...and DJZ does hold a considerable amount of clout over, especially chinese education is everthing for the chinese diaspora in malaysia..MCA might not want to alienate furthur its voters base..

but i do am encouraged by you, sometimes i do just fed up explaining issues..but keep up anyways :p


CommonerNinetyNine said...

Who is the lesser of 2 evils is very subjective.

In real life, we can't get something before we can show that we deserve that something. For example, while looking for job, we can't directly go for those higher positions like manager or supervisor. Why? Because we can't be given a bigger role before we can prove that we can handle a smaller role first. Or say it like this, if we can't even handle a smaller role, then how are we going to expect people will give us a bigger role!

So, the thing we have done before and are now doing is very important to show our ability, character and value.

The future is an unknown thing that we can't just simply try our luck on it based on nothing.

Jimmy Tham said...


The future can't be gambled away just like that but for most people out there, they are simply sick of BN rhetorics and at such their achievements ever since the retirement of UMNO grand old man is palpable at best.

When one shoot and lambast DSAI, one shall not ignore the same from UMNO BN. But I simply have to agree with you, DSAI hasn't come up with something in substance, yet till the day he comes up with a keris at PKR general meeting, I reckon he is still the lesser of an evil. lol.

Mohamed Idris said...

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