Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rationality of Khir Toyo's Trips

  • First of all, I am not a supporter of Khir Toyo in any form thinkable.
  • This article is written to question the motives of Khalid Ibrahim & Co in publicizing the travel expenses of Khir Toyo and then leave the subject to the public for debate.
  • It seems to me Pakatan Rakyat is making full use of the Malay proverb "Baling batu, sembunyi tangan".
  • I am sure many of those who know Khalid Ibrahim will have full knowledge of his life in the corporate and political world.
  • I will leave his past aside for now as I still have a lot of respect for him and Tun Dr Mahathir for the Dawn Raid of Guthrie Berhad that left London shocked.

Calculations of Khir Toyo's trips

Total spent for 21 destinations = RM 349,134.00
Average cost per destination = RM 16,625.42857
Average cost per flight (one way)= RM 8312.714286

Case 1
RM49,874.50 was spent to fly to Tokyo, Guangzhou, Kunming, Osaka, Fukuoka and London in 2003. Assuming Guangzhou and Kunming is assumed as one destination based on country for calculations, we take a total of 5 return trips here (i.e. 10 flights)

Expenditure in 2003 = RM 49,874.50
Average cost per destination = RM 9974.90
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 4987.45

Case 2
RM74,972.00 in 2004 to go to Bangkok, Dubai, London, Beijing, Amsterdam, Milan and Venice. Assuming that we take the number of destinations as given for calculations (since we have tried the bundle method in Case 1, we adopt the direct method here).

Expenditure in 2004 = RM 74,972.00
Average cost per destination = RM 10,710.28571
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 5355.142857

Case 3 (2005)

RM41,064.00 in 2005 to visit Paris, Geneva, Toronto, Los Angeles and Dubai

Expenditure in 2005 = RM 41,064.00
Average cost per destination = RM 8212.80
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 4106.40

Case 4 (2006)
RM91,466.00 in 2006 to go to Seoul, Chicago, London, Amsterdam. Stuttgart, Beijing, Shanghai, Osaka and Tokyo

Expenditure in 2006 = RM 91,466.00
Average cost per destination = RM 10,162.88889
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 5081.444444

Case 5 (2007)
RM20,231.00 was spent in 2007 to go to Perth, Seoul and Taipei

Expenditure in 2007 = RM 20,231.00
Average cost per destination = RM 6743.666667
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 3371.833333

Case 6 (2008)

RM32,229.00 in January last year for a trip to London

Expenditure in 2005 = RM 32,229.00
Average cost per destination = RM 32,229.00
Average cost per flight (one way) = RM 16,114.50

  • Come on Khalid Ibrahim. Is this all you can do? You were once a corporate figure!
  • I am sure Khalid & Co know about the air ticket prices and the terms and condition.
  • A Menteri Besar needs full flexibility with travel tickets, otherwise if cancelled, it will be wasted and the public funds will go down the drain.
  • I am quite confident the tickets were not booked from MAS Travel Fair or MATTA Fair.
  • Business travellers and frequent flyers who fly to London, Osaka, Shanghai, Tokyo and various other destinations in the world can share their opinions with me here.


Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Nice one, Wei Liang. Thank you bro!

Anonymous said...

That is the problem with Phakatan Riot. Complain without substance.

Let looks at how Tun Daim comment on the RM60billion package in the Malay Mail today (17 Mac 2009) and compared that to Anwar Ibrahim (in the interview with BBC here:


Look at how angry Anwar resonse is. Is this type of quality of PM the Phakatan desires?

Looks at all the commemt from MPs of DAP eg Tony Pua, Charles Santiago, Jeff Ooi, all about condemnming!!! Typical myopic opposition mentality!!

This is a severe crisis, if there is only ONE solution, where is it , Phakatan Riot?

I never believe I have been misled to vote for them during the Marc 8!!!

CommonerNinetyNine said...

About "...Typical myopic opposition mentality...", feel like this comment is being reserved.

I personally think that PR will give any negative comments no matter what, even when BN is doing positive works.

You honestly think that PR wants to be seen under-handed by their fanatic followers? You think they want to appear with no solutions when BN present theirs? You think they want to approve BN positive work to allow indirect perception that BN give better solutions? I just personally think that PR just do something for the sake of need to be seen doing something. They have no initiatives in manythings. Always wait and see, when BN present something, they start attacking.

You honestly believe that PR approves the leadership of AAB? Remember a story roughly about a king appearing naked in front of the people? The king has been told that that the cloth can only be seen by the brilliant and the king think he is the one and you know
happened next. I just couldn't help relating this story with AAB whenever I recall it.

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