Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat knows where to find me

Perakians and especially Pakatan Rakyat.

I have a few questions to ask and I hope someone from the rank and file of Pakatan Rakyat Perak can answer me.

Come out with a press conference if you can. I am a Perakian and I demand answers from Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders know where to find me. I assure you that your replies will be published by A PIECE OF MY MIND.

  1. Why didn't the Pakatan Rakyat Perak suspend ADUN Changkat Jering and ADUN Behrang from the State Assembly when they were arrested for corruption ?

  2. Why didn't Nizar & Co suspend the two EXCOs who were arrested for corruption until Barisan Nasional formed the controversial Government?

  3. Why is Anwar saying that the Perak Speaker was barred from entering his office when there are reports from the SAME news portal that Sivakumar was allowed to enter his office because he is a Speaker of Perak?

  4. What if the Sultan says no to Nizar to dissolve the State Assembly? Adakah Anwar Ibrahim, Nizar dan Pakatan Rakyat akan DERHAKA sekali lagi?

  5. Why is Anwar saying that three branches of Government - the legislature, judiciary and the executive are now manipulated for certain parties? If RPK's stories are credible, then Anwar must be sent back to jail for his release because it was claimed that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's camp and Anwar had special relationship and Anwar was released.

More to come from me.

UPDATED 4/03/09

In response to THIS comment. Your answer to my question 1 can be replied with an article and a picture of the ADUN(s) in handcuffs. If the ADUNs in handcuffs were not arrested, please dont tell me the Police were playing a game of "cops & thief" with them.

I believe this article HERE can show you what you have missed out and clearly reveal your intentions of writing baseless comments in my blog. I shall provide you with a picture, courtesy of The Star.

Again, your answer to my question 2 is questionable. It seems that you are writing in my blog just for the sake of writing.

The two EXCOs I am referring to are ADUN of Behrang and Changkat Jering who were EXCOs UNTIL the BN Govt tookover.

Two men in handcuffs continued to be part of the executive Government of Perak. Mind you, Nizar or Sivakumar did not suspend him from the Perak State Assembly. Neither did they sack him from the Perak Exco line up when Pakatan Rakyat was in power.

Unless of course I missed out some articles which you can kindly show me. Mind you that I did not claim that two EXCOs were suspended. I am curious why Pakatan Rakyat did not suspend or sack the two EXCOs who were ARRESTED/NABBED for a corruption case.

Now, Anonymous, I gave you the links and proof. The ball is in your Court to prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Go for it, man. Go for broke. Sometimes you have to speak the same language as they do so they will understand.

Let them answer your questions and we will see how snakey they really are, from the Big Brother himself down to those unruly underlings of his. They have a lot of lawyers on their side, not counting the Bar Council yet. With the Bar Council they will then have 2/3 of lawyers rooting for them. We will see how they twist things with their (il)legal minds.

I believe many are with you on this because we are tired of these Pakatan thugs.


Akmal said...

nice post bro. if you somehow sometime happen to be in subang we should go for a drink, in a vacant lot under a tree!

Jimmy Tham said...

First 2 points point to PR being hypocrites and not preaching what they had fight for. If formal application has been launched, suspend the 2 government officers until further notice. BUT, the same applies to BN and if the duo are found guilty (highly unlikely as it will push Perak into a deeper chaos) then accepting them will make as if BN sanction the membership of these 2 members.

For the 3rd point, Anwar could always say Malaysian Insider misquoted him and escape the penalty. LOL. Bn wouldn't wanna sue him for libel else Anwar would use this against them, or would they.

4th point, dahlah derhaka sekali, what makes you think they won't do it again. Odds are against PR, so do yourself and others a favor, concentrate on major issue and perfect your own weakness. If you live to see another day, you'll have another day to fight.

5th point, if RPK's stories are credible, Anwar wouldn't be send to the gallow because Abdullah is still the premier and it would make him look stupid. But rest assured, Najib will do something bout it and "rectify" it. ^^ Mass arrest for those who caused public disorder will be carried out. LOL.

P/s: Valkyrie is a good movie for those who wants to think of a way to start a coup. I bet Valkyrie ala Thai or Phillipines would fare much better.

Jimmy Tham said...

To anonymous,

You felt disdain and disgust at PR's claim that police and judicial are on their side yet you choosed to think that the Bar Council is on their side. You wouldn't wanna mess with those silly lawyers.

I would not like to think of Bar Council is bias or whatsoever when they can come out with subset of the constitutions or the statutes supporting what they claimed. Just like what the court decided this morning, that Sivakumar can only get legal counsel fro state's AG. Bar council came out with a clause stating that the speaker is exempted.

Zambry could say that this meeting is illegal, yet Bar Council came up with proof that previous sitting was adjourned and speaker has the right to reconvene it.

All in all, if I am a lawyer, I wouldn't wanna go against the power that be less I want to lose my lucrative contract and contacts.

Anonymous said...

Let me answer some of the obvious questions:

1. Why didn't the Pakatan Rakyat Perak suspend ADUN Changkat Jering and ADUN Behrang from the State Assembly when they were arrested for corruption ?
The two ADUNs were charged but have not been trialed and found guilty by court. Remember innocent until proven guilty? "Arrested" is a very wrong word to use, kindly show us where you saw that they were arrested.

2. Why didn't Nizar & Co suspend the two EXCOs who were arrested for corruption until Barisan Nasional formed the controversial Government?
The two ADUNs were NEVER suspended. They were barred from the state assembly sitting because they were deemed to have submitted their resignation letters. (As for whether their resignation is valid is another matter.) PLEASE DO NOT TWIST THE FACTS. Kindly show us how you came to this conclusion that they were suspended.

Anonymous said...

A good read from here (the part on may 13)as you can see you must come back to defend this country from immigrants

Jimmy Tham said...

Another case of PR being a hypocrite.


The tennis fiasco itself should served as a hard lesson yet what's with this blunder

Anonymous said...

In response to your response:

1. My point still stands. Why should the PR have taken action when they are "arrested"? Being arrested is just a procedure, it does not mean that someone is guilty. If you are arrested for suspected robbery you would not want your family and friends to chastise you before you are trialed and found guilty, true? Going by your point if someone is to raise malicious accusation against ALL the ADUNs and got them all arrested to help in investigations, I suppose you would recommend that they all be suspended?

Futhermore the circumstances that they were caught was suspicious. According to Raja Petra they have been invited for a meeting with a fella. The fella left a bag of money under their table without their knowledge and left in a hurry. The police straight away swooped in and caught them "red-handed". I have to stress that whether or not this account is true does not matter. A suspension is optional until someone is found guilty.

2. Your question was "Why didn't Nizar & Co suspend the two EXCOs who were arrested for corruption until Barisan Nasional formed the controversial Government?". I take it that you meant Nizar & Co did not suspend them when they were arrested, but suspended them when BN formed the controversial government. True?

If true, I shall stick to my answer: The two ADUNs were NEVER suspended [even after the BN formed the controversial government]. They were barred from the state assembly sitting [after the BN formed the controversial government] because they were deemed to have submitted their resignation letters. (As for whether their resignation is valid is another matter.)

The PR's stand was consistent - The two ADUNs/EXCOs have not been found guilty therefore suspension was not required.


Wei Liang Goh said...

That's good. A person is innocent until proven guilty in a Court of law.

I hope I can have your support in telling Pakatan Rakyat too that Barisan Nasional is not corrupt as a whole and those who were said to be corrupted are not corrupted officials until proven guilty.

My point in writing this is to make people like you realise and stress that a person is innocent until proven guilty. And not be hypocrites where everything Pakatan Rakyat leaders do are clean, holy, and the best for all of us.

At times it is as though they have full access rights to the phrase "innocent until proven guilty" but Barisan Nasional leaders are judged by public opinion.

That is wrong and I am glad that you are upholding the proper principles.

As for the 2nd part, there will be a big mess. The two were caught red handed. If they continue to sign documents as EXCO of Perak, won't that make the Perak Pakatan Govt corrupt and all decisions are tainted because of these two?

Of course when I question this, I am looking into the future if the Courts rule that they are corrupted.

If the Courts rule otherwise, then I have nothing else to say.

By the way, you got your facts mixed up. No one from the Assembly or Nizar Govt suspended the two - be it in their role as ADUNs or State EXCOs.

The PR's stand was inconsistent all the while.

When UMNO's Supreme Council members or Ministers are investigated for corruption, the PR leaders what them to be suspended pending investigations.

So, it seems that the consistency of PR is just a fallacy.

Wei Liang Goh

Anonymous said...

"A person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law" is only applicable only the court has been proven to be fair.

Of course you would say that BN people are extremely clean as they have not been proven guilty in court. I do not wish to argue with you on this. To me the majority of us are clear on the impartiality (or rather lack-of) of our courts and enforcement bodies. Lets look at what some BN insiders have to say here: http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/18778/84/

“To date there has been no action on either report. There has also not been any apparent action on the more than 1,000 reports of political graft and other abuses sent to Umno’s Disciplinary Committee, as acknowledged by its chairman Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen,” said the duo in a joint statement.

They also slammed Abdullah for his remark recently that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had closed the investigation on all reports regarding money politics in the party as they found no evidence.

“How can they declare the cases are close if none of us were called to give our statement?” said Kada.

I suppose they are all innocent?

Unfortunately our enforcement and judiciary system has reached such a dysfunctional state where I will think that most (if not all) pro-government people found non-guilty is guilty, and I will also think that many anti-government people found guilty is not guilty. You call this hypocrisy, I call it reality.

Quote: "
By the way, you got your facts mixed up. No one from the Assembly or Nizar Govt suspended the two - be it in their role as ADUNs or State EXCOs."
When did I say that?


Wei Liang Goh said...

I agree with you that BN is not a completely clean party.

But will you give me a hand and agree with me that Pakatan Rakyat is neither clean?

Perhaps people have forgotten that the recent Lexus+Cows case was not a brand new scandal in Selangor.

Do you remember Yahya? The former aide of Selangor MB?

There was a case there too. Khalid was "clean" while Yahya claimed injustice from his own party members.

Also in Penang, millions were lost due to the King of Tennis program.

So far of course we cannot prove corruption but only mismanagement.

Again, remember the case when people were angry of closed tenders? Lim Guan Eng immediately declared he will choose open tender for all Penang projects.

Towards the end of last year, Lim Guan Eng said "A closed tender is not too bad after all".

MACC cleared him off. Again, the MACC and police which you claim to be tainted, freed Lim Guan Eng.

The tainted judiciary and police and prosecution, freed Anwar Ibrahim.

If leaders of the Opposition are cleared off charges, they are said to be CLEAN and BENEVOLENT leaders.

But when BN gets cleared, people say they are corrupt and the judiciary manipulated.

UMNO has their own money politics in their own party. But most of them, are politically motivated for the interests of the many factions in UMNO, i.e. false reports.

There seems to be an internal party struggle inside UMNO now, with groups linked to the Kelantan Prince wanting to keep Najib out of the Presidency of UMNO.

I shall not touch on that.

If you are for Pakatan Rakyat, may I suggest that you question the figures in Pakatan Rakyat.

I know how DAP fund their elections. So I have no grouses there.

Neither will I question about PAS.

But Parti Keadilan Rakyat's funds are highly suspicious.

When you go out to find sponsors, will you not provide something in return for your sponsors like a page long advertisement?

Anwar's funds should be questioned. He seems rich.

From merely a rebellious student to a Minister.

And now he has money to fly all over the world, fund PKR, and do all sorts of things.

Since I know you are a learned person, I am sure you understand the consequences of having a leader whose funds come from "we dont know where".

If MACC findings are biased, then send Lim Guan Eng or the other Pakatan Rakyat leaders investigated before, to international tribunals.

If the judiciary is tainted, won't we be worried if Anwar was freed because he might have had a deal with someone linked to the Prime Minister?

Or are you hailing a leader who was convicted of abuse of power, corruption and sodomy to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia?

And not forgetting his Economic ideals, his Hudud vs Non Hudud parties at his side, his questionable funds, and many more.

I take back my words on Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman as well as Hee being barred from the State Assembly because they were deemed to have resigned.

I made a mistake there and I admit.

Anyway since you are so willing to chat, I am curious on certain matters.

Have they resigned or not when they themselves claimed they didn't?

I didn't know freedom of representation, freedom of speech, and the fundamental rights of a person can be decided by another party, although I understand the 3 individuals signed undated letters.

It is highly undemocratic for an elected person to jump ship.

But I heard whispers that if Anwar feels it is all right for elected representatives to crossover to Pakatan, then the BN leaders felt that it is democratic too when the Reps leave their party to support BN.

My memory seem to be playing games with me but I remember Tian Chua and Eli Wong went to Taiwan just to woo people to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat.

Back to the three ADUNs.

Who are we to decide if they have resigned or not but the Courts?

Again, the Courts which freed RPK, Anwar Ibrahim and several other leaders will be said to be tainted if the Courts do not support the resignation letters.

Sigh. Reality or hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh,

I suspect you are not a BN insider and are commenting based on what you read and hence conclude.

Rest assured I have had the opportunity to see the inner workings of BN. And boy does it stink to high heavens. I agree not EVERYONE is corrupt in BN but the whole system is a house of cards based on patronage. You need to see it for yourself to see how it works. And reforming it means, stopping the patronage.

One simple example (and you are welcome to dismiss it as innuendo) is how some of our leaders have assets/expenditure which are/is far in excess of their earnings. Rest assured, these leaders are no Warren Buffetts. Most hold Mickey Mouse degrees and I overheard I leader saying the only reason he is a politician is because he is a lousy lawyer.

With regards to Pakatan Rakyat corruption, I think it is safe to say BN would have the resources at their disposal working overtime to uncover any incidents that BN can use. The fact they can only talk about cows, car maintenance and god knows what else doesn't reflect too well on their efforts.

What I suggest is that you start thinking things over more critically instead of taking in what Dr M says hook, line and sinker. Try looking into the inner workings of BN. Your view might change just as mine did. Politics in whichever country is always about the lesser of two evils. It is rare to find a 100% clean govt (and this applies to our neighbours down south as well). It is all about putting in a system of checks and balances in place. BN however has failed in this dept.