Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where was I ?

Hmm. Well, I had my exams on Thursday the 10th of April. One in the morning and another in the evening. But holidays arrived so I was excited a little.

On the 13th of April, a Sunday, I took Tiger Airways from Canberra to Melbourne. Tiger Airways is currently the cheapest budget airline for domestic flights in Australia. It only cost me $50 to fly to Melbourne. However, the leg space is really small compared to Virgin Blue and Qantas. I didnt mind because the flight was only for 55 minutes.

For those who dont know, Tiger Airways is a Singaporean budget airline and they fly domestic routes in Australia as well. I wonder if Air Asia or Firefly will come here to give the Singaporean firm a fight for their dollars....

On Monday night, I met up with mom, my grandma and my 7th grandaunt in Mercure Hotel. We went to the Gold Coast via Jetstar on Tuesday morning. When we arrived in Gold Coast, I took them for Aqua Duck, and of course I hurt mum's wallet when I brought her to Harbourtown for some shopping. They enjoyed it though. The prices there are cheaper than retail because those shops there are mainly factory outlets. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Esprit and Nike are available at lower prices than departmental stores.

Wednesday was Harbourtown again for me because Sue Ann said she mistaken that her size for Ralph Lauren cutting was S instead of the M she told me earlier. So I had to exchange it and I bought another shirt for dad. Mom, grandma and my grandaunt went to the Seaworld for the whole day.

We returned to Melbourne via Virgin Blue. Aunty Chi Ling rented a car for us and we picked it up from the airport. Drove all the way to Aunty's house in Castlemaine. We got lost twice but the people around the towns there were friendly. Aunty was patiently waiting for us at the hotel she worked in. Haha. And she made a great dinner for us!

Friday was special as we all drove again ourselves to Ballarat. There, we visited the Gold Mine of Sovereign Hills. Nice place. There was a weighing machine that tells us how much we are worth in terms of gold prices for the day. On that day, the gold price was worth AUD 950.00 and I was calculated to be worth approx AUD 2.345 million I think. Can't remember the exact figures since mom is keeping the certificate for me.

On Saturday, we went to Echuca to visit the Historic Port. There were paddlesteam rides and it was quite an experience to see the steam ship.

I left Castlemaine for Melbourne on Sunday. But before that, I ate a bowl of laksa at Onn's Laksa shop. The boss name is Onn. Aunty Chi Ling and Uncle Charles will always be there on Sundays and the boss always reserve a table for them every Sunday without fail. Haha. And the curry laksa was amazing. The soup wasn't watery like elsewhere. It is the thick gravy type and it was tasty!

I met mom again on Tuesday before flying back home on Wednesday at 3pm. Mom came to the city with my aunt, grandaunty and grandma. We had Dragon Boat dim sum buffet. But according to my Aunt, it wasn't as good as the ala carte Dragon Boat shop. It is currently under renovation. Hmm.

Me, Chee Yeong, Zi Hao and Liangwei went up to Eureka Skydeck 88. We took The Edge package. They pushed us out in a box and suddenly everything opened up. I mean the windows and floors were covered in mist and suddenly it all went blank in a second. And my legs began to tremble as I can see the ground, the surroundings, the roads and buildings everywhere including the road below the place I was standing at 88 storeys high. Truly amazing though !

Well, I was without Internet and didnt have time to read any news or emails or even blog while away. So if there were anything important I missed, let me know at my chatterbox or send me an email at .

But I am surprised to read about Datuk Lee Kah Choon's case in Penang and Tun Dr Mahathir's criticism of Datuk Seri Najib. Never mind. I will leave politics aside for now. I am very tired and I need more rest !

Some scenic pics mom took while in Melbourne

Penguins from Phillip Island

At Seaworld

From left : Grandma, me and grandaunt having Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Mom with the beach view

Mom took a picture of me at Sovereign Hill

These are all the pictures I have at the moment. Didn't take the rest from Mom. Oh well ... will blog more some other time. Need some rest ....

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