Monday, August 18, 2008

The Power of Eyes and Brains

I am not gonna talk about politics today. We need a break right? From all the news and accusations and politicians making sweeping statements, we all seriously need a break.

Come. Let me show you some websites that my pal introduced to me. He got the links from his Graphic Data Analysis Statistics lecturer.


Now before you go to this website, read this first. You will see a video of 6MB loading. And there will be a group of youngsters with two balls in a room. They will be passing both the balls simultaneously. Count the number of times the balls are passed around. Try to be as accurate as possible.

Then, watch the video again without counting the balls. Just stare at the video clip. And you will understand what I mean. Normally, we will focus all our attention and stare at the two basketballs passed around and we will not notice the "special" thing. We will only notice it the 2nd time we watch the video when we merely stare at the video.

You will understand what I am trying to say once you watched it. And introduce this video to your pals !

2. The Right Brain vs Left Brain. Check it out here.

3. Medical updates. Read more here.

4. I am sure many have seen this before but for those who haven't, please visit here. This video clip is about Christian, the lion. It is a true story and a touching one indeed. The music was suitable too and enhanced the emotions. Well, I leave it for you to watch and enjoy.

5. For those who enjoy optical illusions, explore the world of illusions here. In particular, I liked the Lincoln one, Munker White Illusion, Dr Angry and Mr Smile, and a few others. Take your time exploring.

Enjoy the links.

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