Thursday, July 03, 2008

Me Too !

Allow me to reply to several comments left recently at A Piece of My Mind's articles. Someone with the ID "anonymous" said the following with regards to my entry on The Healthy Blogger :

"if thats true, we're running out of food to eat! haha. well, can't believe all the stuff we read. otherwise, life wud be such a bore. dont u agree?"

I totally agree!! We are really running out of food to eat. Haha. In fact, according to a close friend of mine, he says everything around us is carcinogenic. Just that our body has anti cancer barriers.

Certain carcinogens are able to penetrate the barrier and cause cancer in our body. Sigh. Life is already getting very very boring in terms of food. Haha. Let me share something with you. For those of you who wants to spoil my mood in future, feed me food that I don't like or not tasty.

Haha. Those of you who know me well will surely know that if I eat something I dont like or not good enough, it will spoil my mood for the rest of the day.

Hmm. That's why I always place importance on my diet and my food consumption. Haha. With even more limitations, I have to be even more careful so that my mood is always checked.

Well, I dont really take starfruits anyway. But there are a lot more food and fruits that we should avoid, or eat at a minimal quantity.

Also, a reader called "anonymousofmalaysia" left a comment at my posting on For The Sake of Malaysia saying :

"Recently, I'm kinda tired of these political dramas..."

Hmm. Allow me to say this. SO AM I!! Haha. I am actually tired already. As you can see recently, I am diversifying my full attention into medical journals, Thailand monarchy, politics and economy, food, friends and spending more time on my personal blog.

Recently we have Datuk Liow Tiong Lai, MCA Youth leader commenting that the recent BN losses were attributed to UMNO's arrogance. Well, allow me to remind all of you what Datuk Liow did in respond to Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and the keris quarrel. Datuk Liow led MCA committee members by flashing the Rukunegara during a MCA assembly.

Some of you said MCA is not defending the Chinese. That is wrong. MCA is. MCA fights for not only the Chinese but also all Malaysians. There is no need to worry about rebranding MCA. MCA, especially Datuk Michael Chong, helps all Malaysians. Barisan Nasional's multi racial formula has always considered the main objectives - to preserve peace, harmony, unity and prosperity.

The recent March tsunami sees a need for Barisan Nasional component parties to take a look at their policies. The voters have voiced that there is a need for a change. Or perhaps the multi racial formula have taken a step back and caused BN to lose badly? Or was it really the arrogance of UMNO? BN should review fast.

Pakatan Rakyat present themselves to the people as a united and strong front with promises for all Malaysians. PKR might be able to do so. However, the alliance that involves DAP and PAS makes Pakatan Rakyat's strength as a coalition highly questionable and in doubts.

PR needs to show to the people that PKR-DAP-PAS can form a formidable Government and serve the rakyat better than Barisan Nasional. Otherwise, Pakatan Rakyat will fall and Malaysians will soon give up on their own country if BN continues to rot also.

Well, anyway, I am really tired honestly. Sigh. I have not even started my steps into the real world of politics myself yet. And I am already beginning to feel like this. I already had plans to join a particular political party in mind recently. Some matters playing in my mind is definitely holding me back.

Malaysia's political scene is covered with mist, clouds, fog. The visibility level of the future in Malaysian politics is extremely low. Politicians exist to serve the people and fulfill their responsibilities as lawmakers of the country.

In other words, besides the Government, politicians are in charge of the well being and health of the country. Malaysian politicians need to clear all the clouds that are blurring their vision of the path ahead.

If things get uglier, perhaps Yang diPertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan needs to adopt the King Bhumibol method in 1992 when the King of Siam ticked off General Suchinda Kraprayoon and Chamlong Srimuang..

Okay. I am just like you my friend. Tired. I want to lift the mood in APOMM a little bit. So let me start by saying I like the pic of the cheesecake I bought for my two friends in Canberra :) I bought a strawberry cheesecake for them and another chocolate cake for me and my housemates. Haha.

I didnt take any photos of my yummy chocolate cake but this girl took a pic of my strawberry cheesecake. Wow. I have to admit I am not good in photograph editing or Photoshop. But this is one nice pic *J* !

Hmmm. I am currently walking with a limp! Consulted my family doctor this morning. Something to do with the tendon of my big toe and foot at my left leg. Haha. Never mind.

Okay. Going out for a meal at Kenny Rogers with a friend now. See ya !

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