Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baik Beli Ferrari kan?

Izinkanlah saya menggunakan kata-kata yang sudah pasti akan melukai hati Tun Dr Mahathir, warga Proton, institusi Proton, rakyat yang ingin melihat Proton berjaya dan semua yang telah mendokong aspirasi Malaysia ini.

"Maka berkuburlah Proton di tangan Kerajaan Negeri-negeri Malaysia dan Kerajaan Pusat Malaysia"

Saya tak pasti sangat pasal "maintenance" kereta-kereta Proton. Rumah saya ada dua buah kereta Proton. Maintenance pun tak sampai beribu-ribu Ringgit setahun. Dah lah kereta - kereta Proton saya tu sekurang - kurangnya 5 tahun !

Malah, kereta yang abah dan emak miliki di rumah tu Proton Waja. Tak lah semewah Proton Perdana Eksekutif yang Datuk-Datuk, Datuk Seri - Datuk Seri, dif - dif kehormat naiki tu !

Saya berharap pihak ACA menyiasat perkara ini secepat mungkin. Saya juga ingin menyeru kepada pihak Proton agar mengeluarkan iklan dan kenyataan media secepat mungkin untuk menangkis segala kritikan oleh pihak Kerajaan Terengganu.

Izinkan saya meneruskan dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Now, assuming the prices and market is not distorted, the price of a car is actually the best signal available to describe and symbolize the quality of it. In other words, it is an informational signal. However, some might argue that the prices and market of automobile in Malaysia is distorted.

We must not forget that the taxation of automobile is quite high for imported cars but certain cars like the Mercedes are locally assembled. Also, let us remind ourselves the existence of APs for imported cars that will further cause complications for us to really value the quality of the car with pricing levels.

If we take these in the absolute sense, then of course, by pricing level ( be it the Merc is locally assembled or not ), the Proton is incomparable to the Merc. Mercedes cars are a total different class as compared to Proton. They are ranked in the luxury good while Proton can be said as a normal good when it comes to automobile purchases.

In Economics, if there is a rise in income, the entity or individual will tend to proceed with an increase in demand or consumption for normal and luxury goods. In the Government of Terengganu - Merc - Proton case, they have been using Proton all these while under the policy of Malaysia's Executive arm.

Thus, given a "rise" in income with the grant of oil royalty to be handled by the State Government by the Federal Government, do we not expect the Terengganu leaders to demand and consume luxury?

I am just saying this in the Economics sense and Datuk Ahmad Said need not waste his time to attack me back on this. But let me tell you this Datuk Ahmad Said. Have you considered Range Rover? Not bad too. I think it is around RM 400k . Definitely better than Proton cars, can travel with lots of power in highways, highlands, rough lands, patchy roads, beaches etc.

What about Ferrari? I think they have a good reputation too. They cost around RM 900k and some run into RM 1 mil - 10 mil? I am pretty sure Ferrari cars and the Range Rover cars require fairly little maintenance although the initial investment cost is high. Perhaps in the long run, it might be a viable project to adopt?

The Ferrari might be pushing too far but why not Range Rover? Why not BMW? Why Mercedes? Reveal your calculations.

As State leaders, and I believe soon the Federal Government leaders might consider BMW or Merc or Rolls Royce, you are not even supportive of Proton, how can you not use something that represents the country's image and identity?

I know many of you hate Proton out there. But I believe it is cheaper and better to encourage Proton to improve as soon as they can. You won't want to know the economics and financial effects to our country's unemployment rate, GDP, crime etc that will occur due to the shut down of Proton.

Lend Proton your support, like the Japanese and Koreans did with their carmakers. And we shall excel one day. As a State leader, I would have expected Datuk Ahmad Said to at least talk to ACA, Proton, and the Federal leaders first before making the purchase of the Mercedes cars.

Just by looking at the maintenance figures, even a dumb person would know there is something fishy there ! One solution I believe is to auction off the cars or let the Federal Government take over the ownership for Foreign dignitaries and visitors to use in future.

Again, behave like a State leader. Your actions and words have caused ripples across other States and many States are opening their Lion's mouth to ask for Camry, Merc, BMW etc.

Now, will you be a nice gentleman and apologize to Proton for smearing their image? I believe Proton's investigations have shown that the dealer and service centre in Terengganu is "fishy" and under ACA probe now. But the damage on Proton was done and is really bad.

Yes. I have said it and I will say it again. "Maka berkuburlah Proton di tangan Kerajaan Negeri-negeri Malaysia dan Kerajaan Pusat Malaysia"

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