Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Malaysian Malaysia

It is good to see unity from MCA with UMNO and MIC to unite all races and come up with a multi racial formula. This way, not only the Malays are ensured of their rights but also the minorities.

The Malaysian Chinese always say that it is unfair to them. However, have they ever thought that if we liberalise everything in Malaysia, and let us assume everything remains peaceful, the Chinese will be far superior than the Malays and Indians? I beg to differ.

We might be even worst off and instead of the term "systematically marginalized" (which I dont think is true), the Malaysian Chinese and Indians and other minorities might be facing a rough ride. Have you seen any minority groups in control of everything and remain superior than the majority? No.

Not even the "liberal" Australia. The minorities in fact are like 2nd class citizens if we look closely. The minorities are taxi drivers, office workers, shopkeepers etc. At least in Malaysia, the rights of Chinese and Indians who hold the Malaysian nationality are guaranteed.

To those who scream that they want more rights, let me ask the Chinese and Indians this. In times of war, will you go out to protect the country of her sovereignty and security? I doubt it. In fact, the Malaysian Chinese might be the first to leave the country.

But do not forget, the army and police force that mainly comprise of Malays will fight for all races and defend our country. Again, I believe it is the old generation of Chinese and Indians who have this thinking that joining the police and army is not good at all for their future. It is this mentality that I would like to criticize but I do not want to comment more on that today.

I do not deny that Malaysia needs a Malaysian Malaysia one day. And not even the Malay, Chinese and Indian leaders of today can deny this. However, to do so, we need mutual cooperation and understanding of not only the Malays but Chinese and Indians as well.

For the time being, it seems like the Chinese and Indians are always slamming the Malays about their rights issue. But the Chinese and Indians must also not forget that their rights are also guaranteed even though they are the minorities. Sadly, we are not seeing a Malaysian Malaysia from the minds and mentaility of the Malaysian Chinese and Indians.

The Chinese and Indians' population percentage in Malaysia are so diluted now. Are we to blame the Government again and say these two races are systematically marginalized again? No. Because these two races are well known to encourage migration away from Malaysia. And that is a major contribution to the lower population percentage.

And again, being a Malaysian Chinese, I know very well that not many Malaysian Chinese and Indians have Malaysia in their mind and we can hardly find among them who will defend the country in times of war. I have always uphold this principle that if we know someone is in need of help, we should all rush over and help. In macro terms, if we know there is something wrong with Malaysia, then Malaysians in overseas should return home and Malaysians in Malaysia should remain in Malaysia to help build the nation of your dreams.

Do not just use your mouths and slam Malaysia and her Government but do nothing. We all praise the beautiful Europe and America. But have we not forgotten the principles that build America? Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask yourselves what you can do for your country.

The same goes for Australia, the European nations, the East Asia such as Japan. These countries' citizens bear in mind the same phrase that built America. But sadly, I shed my tears for Malaysia. For she is not as fortunate as the other countries that have excelled because of the mentaility of the Malaysian Malays, Chinese and Indians.

I make a plea to all. If you want to criticize Malaysia and you do not like the way it is in Malaysia, then change the country to something of your dreams. Otherwise, shut up !


Anonymous said...

Big words there u used. However, i regret to say that how naive your perception is over the world out there. One word, disappointed.

Wei Liang Goh said...

well, as a blogger, I always expect to be criticized. However, allow me to say that I am not saying my perception is the best. And moreover, there is no right or wrong, just different. So, if you have any comments, do voice it out. I am willing to hear how mature your perception is.