Sunday, July 27, 2008


As a blogger, especially one listed in So Po, I always expect supporters and opposition to my ideas, analysis and perspectives of various issues. I thank all of you who have left comments for all my blog entries.

However, allow me to stress that perceptions are neither right or wrong. It is just different. That is why we have debators, Government and Opposition, and different parties in the world. I do not mind getting criticized for my views, especially the latest comment I received saying that I am naive.

Haha. Anyway, do not just say you are disappointed in me or I am naive etc. I know you have your rights to comment and monitor me as a blogger. I believe I have my rights to defend too. So please, do not be immature yourself. The world can be seen in many perspectives.

If you just know how to say a word that I am naive, then show me how mature you are and let us all see your perspective. Corrent me if I am wrong, and share with me your views for I have as much to learn as you do, my friend. Otherwise, I believe those of you who write a word or two to slam me, it will just show how "mature" or "intelligent" you are.

We are here in the blogosphere to voice out opinions. And I am always open for discussion. Not personal attacks. My ideas might not be consistent with what you have in mind. But we can always have an informed debate and discussion. We need not come to any agreement but at least, it is a mature argumentative discussion.

Wei Liang
Editor of A Piece of My Mind

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