Thursday, July 05, 2007

Disappointment with MASCA

What can I say ? I have done my part in forwarding the details to Malaysian Students Organization of ANU needed for the invitation of Tun Dr M to ANU . However MSO decided to bring this up to a higher level i.e. MASCA - Malaysian Students Council of Australia (I think) . So far ? No news . Pardon me about this Encik Sufi . But as you said , I can't work alone . I need a team . And at this rate , I don't think much will happen . Anyway , thanks for the info and assistance provided . I wonder what's taking MASCA so long ... sigh ...

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syyeam said...

It's so sad, right, when u're so passionate in doing something but other people just don't seem to care much.

It's a shame that Tun Dr M can't make it to ANU. =(