Thursday, July 05, 2007

Apakah masalah Telekom Malaysia ?

I was shocked to see the latest TM bill stating "TM 1515 Yuran Langganan RM24.00"It has been such a long time since I used Streamyx . Why would there be charges for Dial up Internet ?? I was highly confused . I went to Telekom and had an argument with that staff .

According to that Cik , I did not deactivate the dial up . Do I have to do so ? I thought two years ago I told them I wanna upgrade to Streamyx ??? Why didnt the TMNET staff let me know about deactivating my dial up ?? They should inform and enquire whether we want to deactivate or keep it active . Instead , my mom has been blindly paying RM 24.00 for three years already I think .

Paying for no reason and nothing in return . How foolish of us ... or should I blame TM ? Maybe I should . This way , TM makes more money ... many people who rarely take time to look thru bills will be "cheated" in a way . Well well . TM , I hope your Internet Services staff can provide more communicative services . Inform the customers who are applying Streamyx that they still have their Dial Up account active . This way , it will cause less problems ... less arguments ... less dissatisfaction ... less deadweight losses .

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