Friday, July 06, 2007

HM - The New Man In Town , Gerakan - The New Enemy ?

I might be a Chinese , but I am not a racist . I support certain PAS personalities too :) We are all Malaysians after all . Do we go overseas and introduce to others , " Hi , I'm (Malay/Chinese/Indian) " ?

No we don't . We are ... Malaysians . Blogger and Kelantan official Sheih ( always post pictures of Kelantan , a highly Malay populated area . He also puts up pictures and updates of YB Datuk Husam Musa . It might be naive to make an opinion or statement based on what I read in certain blogs (not only Sheih's) about Datuk Husam .

But I think , Datuk Seri Nik Aziz , you should allow YB Datuk Husam Musa to succeed you in Kelantan . Appoint him as the next Menteri Besar of Kelantan (with the condition that PAS still holds power there) .

As for Gerakan in Penang , they have been running the government well . Is there a need for a highly Chinese populated area to have UMNO running it in the coming manifesto ? I don't think so BN . You might see the voters retaliating towards DAP . Many hardcore UMNO members are making noises for they want power and wealth by running Penang and kicking Gerakan out of the picture . I am saying this not from my own heart ... but from many comments I heard from friends ... who are voters as well .

I have seen certain racists remarks in also .

There is nothing wrong having a Chinese CM or MB . There is nothing wrong having an Indian CM or MB as well . What more to say a Malay . We are after all ... Malaysians . We know there exists racial composition ... but do we need to be so obvious about it ? When are we going to grow up and live in harmony ? Peace my friends ... peace ... life is just one chance given by God ... cherish it and let us live a full 80 years of life merrily .

I have frequently read statements like "Cina nak apa lagi ... semua dah kaya ... orang Melayu tuan milik Malaya .... kami berhak" ... yeah... and other statements which we all know but decline to acknowledge .

My fellow friends . Would you like me to take pictures of rich Malays whom I envy ? They drive huge Mercedes cars ... latest models ... they change cars so frequent that I think my shirts are always older than their cars . Would you like me to take pictures of poor Chinese and Indians living in wooden houses .... squattered areas .... or perhaps begging ?

But then ... do not raise your blood pressure ... I have criticized Chinese who are racists as well in my previous blog entry ... I wrote an article of Dynasty of Racism . Read it if you have not ... understand it . If you are a racist now , end it this generation itself . Do not let your children be educated or influenced with your tainted thoughts . For we love our country ... Malaysia .

That is why I always say ... when we evaluate things ... do not be racists .... there are two sides of a story . Recently my mom was told to look through some appeals of students who wanted a waive of the PTA fees . There's one Malay girl who lives in a kampung here in Ipoh . Its called Kampung Kepayang . I was the "driver" that day . I noticed that the houses there are rumah kampung type .... and it was a huge kampung ... though it was clear that there are upkeepings and roads are nice to drive through , the flowers decorating the whole area of the kampung . It was peaceful and nice . And my mom recommended to the school to approve the application because we understand they needed it . There was no race factor in considering this issue ... the school would have approved it if it was a Chinese or Indian or orang Iban living there .

There are also a few Chinese who applied . Their story can make you feel sad . There's a young girl whose dad is a dialysis patient . Should we help her ? Yes we should ... and indeed the school will consider the case .

Let me tell you the cost of dialysis . My grandpa goes thru dialysis at a NGO's clinic . But we still had to pay RM 100 each time I think . Dialysis patients have to go through it for life . And it is at least 2-3 times a week . You think it is funny ? It is not . Each time a dialysis patient feels uneasy or not well , they have to seek a doctor's advice . Medical fees , jabs , medicine , consultation fees . It is financially burdening ... my dad used up almost all his money to support my grandpa . That is why dad is always the person I respect most .... a fillial son .

Back to the story of racism . Let me say again , though I wrote it somewhere before in my blog . These are the words from my Malay teacher .... best friends with my family since I was in secondary school . I always visit him whenever I am back . Cikgu once told me ... "you orang cuba fikir ... apalah Malay rights ... apa yang bising ... apa yang kami orang Melayu dapat ... saya langsung tak tahu saya benefit apa ... kecuali konsesi tanah 5% diskaun " .

Seriously ... if there is nothing serious ... why are we seeing so many heroes out there in papers ... in forums ... in General Assemblies .... shouting Hidup this Hidup that ... kami berjuang untuk ini untuk itu ... We fight for our Chambers of Commerce ! ... or perhaps ... Kami akan membela orang orang di ladang dan estet ....

Do I see the logic ? Yes ... simple ... it is just a piece of dirty cloth . But it has a name ... POLITICS . Politics is like the acronym NATO ... no action talk only . They want support ... all for themselves .

How many true politicians do we see ? Perhaps YB Husam Musa who is doing well in Kelantan , YB M. Kulasegaran whom I always see in Parliamentary videos as relaxed , calm and doing well servicing the people of Ipoh Barat , YB Fong Po Kuan whom all folks in Batu Gajah adores and respects , YB Lim Kit Siang for his check and balance efforts on our Government , Tun Dr Mahathir for his past contributions for 22 years , Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting for all his widely liked attitude in helping the poor , the needy with scholarships ...

How many do we see are really samaritans ? Perhaps Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye ... Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar ... and the list might go on ... might not .

This year we celebrate 50 years of independence . Why do we want to go backwards ? Why do we still want to raise the issues of social contract ... racist remarks flying everywhere from UMNO to MCA to MIC ? Why am I seeing Malays , Chinese and Indians not living in harmony ?

I feel disappointed . We have failed you Tunku Abdul Rahman .

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