Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just got to know from my buddy in Japan ... a guy whom I respect a lot ... Amzar . Howz studies there pal ? Hope things go well for you . I miss the lifestyle in Japan , my host family and friends . Glad my sis went there to study for two months too . Look East Policy is no small deal . It is really beneficial to many .

Got to know from him that I've been tagged at IsuHot . Hmm hmm . More and more political blogs are putting my link up . But let me stress I take no sides in politics . I just write what I think . A search around for more , I found that my posts occasionally appear on as well and a few more .

My pal asked me a good question . Do I want all these attention ? Well , at times yes , at times no . Theories and ideas are meant to be spread . But the fear of the so called "freedom of expression" that do not exist in many places worries me . The remaining freedom of expression in blogosphere is already being regulated and monitored in Malaysia . The fear always exist in us .

Are we to fear blogging ? No we should not . Sheih once told me that the blogosphere is a gift from God and we should continue appreciating this wonderful masterpiece .

Well then ... my finals are coming up ... last assignment due on Monday . Will be back home on 22nd June 2007 .

Up till then , I do not wish to see Proton continue bleeding hundred of millions of losses . Decisions have to be made like in the MAS case . Datuk Idris is doing a good job on paper . Accounting profits were recorded . Fantastic job Sir !

So what about Proton ? Radical changes must be made like in MAS . Sack all management members who are not performing . Put in experienced and top execs . I do not wish to see at all anyone wrapping up Proton and call it closed once and for all .

I call upon all the blogosphere citizens to fight and be united . Proton is our national pride . Our national pride is being punched and smacked . Are we to sit and do nothing ? We shall support them with all our might . Blog about Proton . There are millions of you out there whom I believe at least one has the right idea and thoughts of how to run our national carmaker .

Ok . Winter is here in Canberra . But doesnt seem to be like a winter . John Howard might be having his last days in office with Kevin Rudd being the leader of polls now . Hmm . A change of leadership ?

PKR's elections ... was merely what RPK describes ... a circus show . What about PAS ? I personally would love to see Datuk Husam Musa to lead the party one day . Of all the stories I read about him , he seems like a good leader . Well , that's just based on what I read . But of course there are always two sides of a coin .

All right then . Need to get back to my assignment that's due on 4th june .


Kerepok said...

Grab Idris JAla from MAS to Proton. Problem solved.

u know lah said...

i was a bit shocked u know?i wonder whether u're up for something serious or they just simply tagged u..hehe..anyway,u're getting famous eh?haha

bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Write what your heart says, dude! i never care about attention. After all, we do not have so many forums to speak up. Keep on blogging, brother.

Old man bakaq (49 only la!)