Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Abdul Razak Baginda ... And Proud of It !

Reading The Star Online's article on Abdul Razak's case really made me ponder . I remember once Mrs Razak shouted "He is not out to be the PM , why do this to him?" . Hmm . What exactly is happening ?

Then I read that Mr Shariibuu made a press conference on who is Altantuya , her daughter . He said Altantuya and Abdul Razak merely had business relationship and not sexual and she was not a model .

What is actually happening ? Why are the family members of Abdul Razak so supportive and even wear printed shirts that they are related to him and proud of it ?

Imagine you have a uncle who everyone thinks is a murderer and there are clear evidence against him . Will you be that supportive or outspoken or daring to voice such support ?

All these are possible if .... if and only if Abdul Razak is indeed innocent and the family members know the truth behind it .

Assuming that it really was a murder case with the victim name Altantuya , daughter of Mr Shariibuu , why did Mr Shariibuu once said that her daughter merely had a business relationship and not a sexual one with Abdul Razak ?

Now the case has a different story . Hmm . I sure hope there are some DNA sampling and concrete evidence in this high profile case . For all you know , Abdul Razak is the kambing korban in this case .

But he might be guilty as well . The press should not play up the story so wild . According to legislations and rights of a human , you are innocent until proven guilty .

That is the way we look at things . We can almost be certain that the two corporals were the "hands-on" murderer .... I think . But is Abdul Razak involved ? He is innocent until proven guilty .

The actions of the family members being so supportive and also the words of Mrs Razak raise suspicions in my mind of this case .

Was there a need to murder her ? Being so powerful , ARB could have just blocked her visa to come to Malaysia , charge her for extortion , ban her from coming to Malaysia etc . At most , he will just quarrel with his wife . And say "maaf sayang , saya dah insaf" . But there wasn't a need at all to kill her with C4 . Assuming of course ARB is involved in the murder .

All right . Make justice rule the face of Earth again .

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