Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kata - kata DSAI

The time now is 3.45 pm . I have been listening to BBC Radio channel from my radio-clock and I'm still listening to it . Guess who is on air with Mr Owen ? The ever popular DSAI . Yes yes . Anwar .

According to a question , Mr Owen asked "Well you were almost a PM ... an inch away .... if only you had been quieter..." .

And our former DPM DSAI said "Well I would say this replies ur other question on my ambitions . If I had the ambition to be a PM , I would have given out billions of ringgit to the PM's children and family members ... " .

How wonderful Datuk Seri . I believe I have read somewhere that you were also distributing shares etc . Najib revealed some during the Ijok campaign . Maybe we should put out the dirty linen of DSAI for some "public exhibition" . Perhaps someone can start it out .

RPK said "Beware of 18 June 2007" . It might be true perhaps . Maybe it might be the end of a wonderful career in DSAI life . Or perhaps the court will rule against Tun . Perhaps Altantuya's case will end up "the prosecution team had not proven this case beyond reasonable doubts , thus the Court orders the immediate release of the three suspects , CASE CLOSED !"

Or maybe ... some say it might be linked to Najib and thus the end of the road for him .

What will happen , RPK ? Hmm ... we shall see . No matter what happens , we shall pray and hope for the best for our beloved country , Malaysia .

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