Saturday, May 26, 2007

5-35% increase , 10% increase , 10 cents increase ... POOR !!!

Yes yes . Let's rewind back against time .

At first , world prices for oil goes up . Petronas earns big bucks . Airlines increase prices . Fuel prices shoot up . Malaysia joins the hoo - haa in raising prices .

Samy says ... or perhaps the agreement says it is time to raise prices for highways . So yes . All the concessionaires raise and raise the prices . Yes yes . Then another round of fuel hike i think ? Inevitable you know . It might seem harsh to argue that Petronas' profits can be used to maintain the subsidy . But ... I don't know ... not an economist yet .

Then , nasi goreng naik harga . Sambal naik harga . Ayam naik harga . Ikan naik harga . Day and nite we sleep in our beds crying out "naik harga ... naik harga" .

I sure hope one day AF or Malaysian Idol dish out a "Naik Harga Bagus" song .

Now civil servants get pay rise . Not bad I think . Then , teh tarik naik harga . Tomorrow , poultry prices will shoot up . The next day , beras pun naik . Roti canai naik , ini naik itu naik .

HELLO !?? Mana ekonomi negara !? Nasihatlah sikit . Is this the case of spiralling inflation !? Are you losing control ? One day you speak out loud in the microphone across 22 million Malaysian pairs of ears saying that the pay rise will not give any advantage to traders to push prices up . Yes . Naik petrol doesnt mean must naik harga . Yes , dont worry I will make sure the chickens in the market are still cheap ...

"CHEAP" you mean !?? Are you guys losing control of the country ? Spiralling inflation !? A 10% increase for someone who earns RM3000 . Makes it RM300 . I drink teh tarik 3 times a day that costs 10 cents per cup more . I eat nasi goreng 3 times a day that costs 50 cents per plate more . I rent a house that costs RM 100 more . I drive a Kancil that uses petrol which cost me RM 1 more a day . I use electricity and water that costs RM 1 more a day . Lets see . The extra costs are RM 214 . That is just calculations for a single person . What if I have a family ? A family that consists of a wife , 2 kids , parents . RM 214 x 6 ? RM 214 x 6 = RM 1284 . So If I have a 10% pay increase , to cover costs and live without being worse off than before , I need to be earning RM 12840 . Otherwise , I will be worst off .

Sigh . What can I say ? I can just sigh . Everyday I see news of price increases . Perhaps all of us should flood the food industry . It seems to me all levels of food processes are making money and making use of every opportunity to increase prices . Maybe we need a Commission ( maybe we already have one but I don't know ) .

Get a Commission assembled like the Australian version of ACCC . All prices that are changed will need to be justified at the commission . Otherwise , you break the law . There . No one will simply raise prices ... no traders will raise prices at their own will when the govt has said that there should not be any price hike in food loudly using the microphone .

Sigh . Whatever .

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cY said...

WHAT are u saying? That's treason!

There is nothing wrong with the country economy! I repeat, NOTHING!

Since you are not a economist, you should listen to those who are!

When Malaysia next CPI comes out, you c la, sure 2-3% ONLY, done with 100% committed effort coming from our country top economists and mathematicians from Malaysia Stats Dept.

So, since "THEY" are doin such a good job in keeping inflation down and economic growth up, it is not ridiculous at all to ensure that they get their fair share of Malaysia economy. It's common sense!

Therefore we should all also agree to the 50% bumi participation when getting a loan at ALL banks for economic, accounting related work. Otherwise, where is the fairness of they system? They are working their butt so hard so that we can afford to provide private jet to our elegant PM, build the 2nd largest court in the world, come out with 22mil to check the parliament building structure + appx 200 mil to fix it and many more ^^

Be grateful, Malaysians! Hrrummp ;(