Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Google's Free Internet ?

Check this out .


Anyway , a busy week for me . Still rushing through and getting all the pieces of my assignment into a proper paperwork .

Last week I was walking into the Faculty of Arts to attend one of my ECON 2125 ( Maths for Economists ) tutorial . Yeah . It is weird to attend a Math tute at an Arts zone . But this place contains many beautiful artifacts , models . One of the model that's at the foyer is a model of the Roman Empire . Cool . They had the whole Rome model . Amazing .

But that is not where I want to grab your attention to . I was walking past the notice boards at that Faculty and I saw an article posted there . It was written by Laurence Hecht on Global Warming .

His article sounds logical at least to me . I googled and found it online .


Well , have a good week my friends . Will blog more at the end of the week when I'm done with my stressful assignment .

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