Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Ijok Problem - Ground Zero , Undecideds , Fracas and Scandals

By elections after by elections , we get to see more and more interesting issues . However , sadly though , this comes at the expense of the life of the man in the hot seat .

Anyway , this time Ijok is interesting . Initially we have our Mr Incredible aka KJ going up to the papers , media and basically all fronts accusing PKR supporters of creating the fight during the nomination day . Wow . We even had KJ showing us pics and videos .

But hey , what about Paul's case ? Paul , a co photographer with Jeff Ooi was attacked innocently by BN UMNO Youths in uniform . Jeff Ooi even has a picture of the plump man who tried to disrupt their peace and to create a huge uproar . I believe the PDRM has eyes and ears and can do whatever they are suppose to do - fight crime and restore peace .

PDRM ... go nab these people . Make this world a better place . Don't let them act like kings . Jeff Ooi has a picture of that plump man . Interrogate him , arrest his accomplice for illegal gathering , hooliganism , assault with intentions etc .

Hmm . Jeff Ooi has an even more interesting story that I believe the Electoral Commission should answer and that the Parliament should consider seriously . The issue of Phantom voters , the issue of electoral votes etc . . This is the link . Available online . With no magic or tricks by Jeff Ooi , he asked these questions

"I wonder if this En ISPANI B MOHD REJO, male, from the locality of 096 / 11 / 04 / 001 - KG BKT BADUNG, was born in the year 1899 or 1999. He could be 108 if born in 1899, or merely 8 years old if born in 1999. The state code in his new IC is 61. Which state was he born in? Indonesia? Will his vote count this April 28 to decide thenext elected representative of Ijok?"

So , what do you think ?

No no . That's not all . We even have the Anwar - Najib war . Oops , not forgetting Datin Rosmah . Well well ... the Altantuya issue should not be discussed openly . It is still in the court and the AG has declared that no one else is involved . But here we have Anwar accusing Najib of being involved . Hm ? Perhaps Najib should sue Anwar for false accusation ?

And in the same day Anwar visited the Pekan Ijok , there were VCDs of the alleged evidence of Anwar's sex scandals . Come on .

This is an election of not Najib and Anwar . It is an election of Parthiban and Khalid . Let the people have a clear mind to choose some one who can represent them , give them benefits and treat their issues with clear responsiblity and ability . Will Najib or Anwar or even Mr Incredible aka Khairy be their representative after this by election ?? In no way will they be . Anwar will go ahead campaiging elsewhere for his own sake , for PKR or maybe as RPK alleged "cooperate with Khairy ... work with Khairy" ? Najib will of course go back to Putrajaya and continue being the DPM of Malaysia unless what the political analysts say is true ... which is the possible success of Gerakan Anti Najib within UMNO .

Khairy will surely go back being the voice of UMNO ... yeah ... if you read the papers , we have Khairy not only shutting out Datuk Hishammudin but also perhaps many senior UMNO leaders voices . I don't mean to be disrespectful , KJ , but hey you are not the President of UMNO Youth . Datuk Hishammudin is . I wonder why KJ speaks out alot for UMNO Youth and perhaps UMNO also . Ground news ? Many are talking about our Mr Incredible aka KJ ... good or bad ones ... I'm sure all of you know .

Perhaps what Tun say is true . Honestly I used to think that Tun's election record was all along not as good as Pak Lah's (his one and only election beat the record) . But then , during Tun's era , there was sufficient opposition voice and opinions to be heard . Now the opposition's voice can easily be drowned by the last few rows of backbenchers .

Our great leaders , Tun Dr Mahathir , Tun Abdul Razak , Tun Hussein Onn and Tunku Abdul Rahman . They all have the charisma , humour , leadership . Pak Lah up till today has been critisized by many as being the Saya Tak Tahu man ... perhaps he wants to be careful politically because every word he utters will carry a lot of weight . Perhaps he is not good in speaking as our other PMs . But I wonder what will happen to the future set of leaders . I hope things go on well for our country .

Proton can no longer afford to wait any longer Mr Najib . You have to make the call now in ur capacity as the decision maker , as the DPM and hopefully the future PM . I'm disappointed seeing this matter being dragged so long and Proton is bleeding profusely . One day , due to the great amount of blood loss , Proton might not survive . Proton was born because of the support of the Malaysian Govt and the brainchild of Tun Dr Mahathir . Ask the man who formulated it . Let him help out . Don't shut him out and wanting to act like heroes , gladiators or saviours ...

Who then , if Najib succeeds the thrown , will take over as DPM ? Our country needs another Mahathir . Find out UMNO . Find out and bring him up to the front ... fear not of your seat and post ... do it for your country ...

All the best Mr Parthiban and Tan Sri Khalid in Ijok . DSAI , Datuk Seri Najib , Khairy and gang , please ... leave the Ijok people alone ... let Khalid and Parthiban campaign between themselves , the three of you are there just to lend support and weights ... it is not a campaign of Anwar - Najib ... a reminder ... it is Khalid vs Parthiban .

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