Saturday, April 21, 2007

Easter Holidays and Some Thoughts

Below are some pictures of my trip ...

DFS Galleria - The place where me , CY and Jimmy got our wallets bruised

Aquaduck ! Water vehicle ... they call this an amphibian motor vehicle . Seriously it was at a sign at the route of this Aquaduck that says "No Entry , For Amphibian Vehicles Only" .

At the beach - Surfers Paradise , Gold Coast . Yu Jin wanted to go to the beach so much that we had to give in . But we were there for like 15 minutes and then strong winds and rain started coming from the other end of the beach . We all had to "run for our lives" .

Surfers Paradise town ... or is it a city ... hmm ...

Gosh . Dreamworld . Took some roller coaster rides . Haha . Wasn't feeling too comfy about it though .

This is a log ride at Dreamworld . Everyone in the log will get wet . It will let you slide down into a pool of water . Then ... SPLASH ! The next thing you know , ur body is all wet .

This tiger at dreamworld can climb a pole ... and the specialy is not that according to the host . She can climb down as well ... a skill that not many tigers can do .

Now . Seaworld . Had the first picture with this genius' sister ... haha ... kinda kiddy but it was all right I guess .

Amazing . The Eye at Seaworld . The queue was long but the ride was good , so it compensates a little . 5 rounds limit I think .

Now to Sydney ! This is the view I have from Marriott .

A double deck train . Hmm . Not bad . One day our country will have some too .

The Bridge Climb photos . These 3 pics were taken by the tour guide as we were not allowed to bring any gadgets or anything along except glasses . And these 3 pics cost me $53.00 ... thankfully we had 4 ppl , so the cost was divided by 4 .

The ever comfy Marriott . Haha .

U.S. calms allies on missile shield, not Russia (TheStar)

Seeing this headline makes me feel sick . Iran wants to have nuclear power . North Korea , and perhaps a few other countries . But no . We all live under the shadow of US . When the States say yes , you have to smile and say yes too . If they say no , you have to behave obediently and obey their definition of RULE OF LAW .

RULE OF LAW in this world = United States of America .

Thankfully we have the ever powerful Russia , the amazing Japanese and of course adding to the latest list , China . Reports are going around that China have the power now . They have (I think) US$ 1 trillion in reserves ? If China releases these cold hard cash into the market , US will crumble and so will the world . But the direct hit will be straight in the face of the "Land of Freedom and Democracy" and they will suffer badly .

However , are the Americans stupid ? No way . Majority of Forbes rich list are Americans . Americans own the world . They come up with the idea that if they are threatened with their own currency by China , the will simply dump the American Dollars and come up with a new currency called AMERO .

Beautiful . This world is simply beautiful . Haha .

Well well . I went to Gold Coast on the 8th of April 2007 . Went there and stayed at Focus Apartments , Surfers Paradise . Gold Coast was windy and chilly . It was a nice place , went around Dreamworld , Seaworld . But more importantly , it was a place where I spent a lot . Shopped for Ralph Lauren clothes at Harbour Town . Bought some RL for my mom and sis , Sue Ann , got one for myself , 2 Esprit shirts for myself again . Hmm .

The problem was at DFS Galleria . This international outlet cost me alot of money . Bought two RL shirts for $210 . Damn . A week's rent here in UniLodge . But it was nice and comfy looking . Nevertheless , the joy was there , the wallet was hurt , cash went dry . Haha .

Left Gold Coast on 13th . Flew JetStar to Sydney . It was not as good as Virgin Blue flights . I don't really like it . But it was still all right though . Arrived in Sydney , checked into Marriott . And for the first time in my life in Australia , the Australians in Marriott pronounced my surname correctly !! I was happy . Marriott Hotel was comfy and nice . Me , Jimmy and Chee Yeong had two wonderful and comfortable sleeps . Perfect vacation though a little pricey .

In Sydney . Lets see . Yeah . Bought some good Pu-Erh tea , about $70 . Got two cans of abalone back for my parents to try . We hardly eat these so I thought once a while , I should get something back for my parents to eat from Australia . Hmm . Yeah .

Next was the Bridge Climb . Gosh . It was amazing . We had to put on loads of equipment . From those cheekbones communication headgears , headlamps , the bridge climbing suits . It was nuts . There are so many hooks , so many things to put on , walkie talkie etc . The preparation alone I think takes at least 30 minutes ! In total , the whole event took us about 3hours plus .

The climb was all right though I'm afraid of heights . Legs were shaking terribly . Haha . But the scenery up there is fabulous . I would suggest you climb the bridge at 5.25 pm . Take that package and you can book it online . Cause by the time you are up at the summit of the bridge , it will be dark and you can see the beautiful lights of Sydney's city , harbour and the Opera House . If you are the type who can climb ladders and stairs , this bridge climb will be "kacang putih" i.e. peanuts to you . Haha .

The rest of the trip was just walking around city , Fish Market , Paddy's Market , Chinatown . Eat , sleep , explore . Yeah . And I got back on Sunday , 15th April 2007 . Oh yes not forgetting I met up with Eileen and Shalini . Thanks for the Kopitiam meal pals !

I arrived at Canberra around 6.20pm . After getting off the bus , I saw right in front of my eyes a Proton Waja . The very first time I see a Waja here in Australia . Normally we just see some Proton Wira , Gen 2 models . Jimmy advised me to calm down cause I might be seeing things , it might be a Mitsubishi since I was so tired that day that my eyes could be playing visions .
Upon closer inspection , I was right . It was indeed a Proton Waja . My my . Am I proud to see one here .

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*chutz* said...

well, glad you enjoyed your meal..we were determined to bring you people to our malaysian food haven! haha..anyway, you're always welcome to come visit us again..and next time just stay in goldstein college la, no need marriot! :p