Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lojing Highlands Issue , Cops Raid Putra Post !?

Good job RPK . I wonder what kind of "Gov-wood" (Government + Hollywood = Gov-wood) is next on the script .

All along the Federal Govt knew what was happening in Lojing ? And the Sultanah of Kelantan is in the list of the Lojing committee !?

Come on ...

Dear readers , I fully credit this to RPK . Read it from his site .

The link is

The police state called Malaysia . Are we gonna be another Soviet Union - Kremlin country ? Hmm . Dr M's pro tabloid was raided with the reason being suspected of not having a valid media permit which they did have . And the police seized a printing plate ... and a computer . But a printing plate for investigations ? What for ??!

Hmm . Never mind . We will just have to be patient and see the battle of politics internally in our Malaysian Government , the ruling party UMNO , and the component parties namely MCA and MIC . The end result is all that matters ... and I hope to see some light for the end result of the battle of politics .

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