Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sue them for what !?

All right all right .

Just what the hell is NSTP and gang suing Jeff Ooi and Rocky for !?

Man . First of all . I heard their webhost servers are not local in Malaysia . Instead they are somewhere overseas . I think some lawyers are finding this case a tough one as well . Hmm .

And I still dont get what NSTP are suing them for . Was it for that plagiarism article that Jeff exposed ??

If it is , then seriously NSTP , Brendan and gang . Dont make me laugh . If it is not , I'm sorry and someone please let me know .

Well well . Probably ... probably Tun should sue www.kpmu.net or www.machai.net

I can't remember which one . They accused Tun of owning that RM30million yacht !! Yeah . Just charge them to court .

And then we can ask that Michael something whose article was probably plagiarised by Brendan ... I repeat probably . Maybe the universities in Malaysia or anywhere in the world can run a check . I heard there are panels for plagiarism cases . Haha . Check it out guys :) Good research you know :)

Yeah . Everyone just sues everyone now huh . Haha .

Man . But I wont comment further until I really know what on Earth NSTP and gang are suing Rocky and Jeff for . For the meantime , all cheers and support for Jeff and Rocky .

Sorry about my blur mind these days :(

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