Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Keep it going Sheih !!!

Readers of A Piece of My Mind .

Dear friends . Take some time to read . Look at his movie posters . Haha . At times I wanna laugh . It cheers me up and makes the blogging world a fun and happy place .

Mr Sheih . Congratulations . You possess good skills in producing movie posters (political ones) and keep it up . It is God's gift and you should utilise it .

Do not be afraid , do not worry . There is plenty of justice in this world , plenty of freedom .

You have my support . I always look forward to reading your blog entries , your analysis , your posters especially !!

The above photo , which I believe originated from your blog , is a symbol of unity and support from me with other bloggers , and you especially Sheih .

Thanks for putting a link of my blog in your page :)

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