Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I have a Malay language teacher . He is very close to me and my family . We visit him and his family very frequently .

The hoo-haa of the NEP issue during the UMNO assembly was greatly debated and talked about in coffee shops , universities , everywhere .

My teacher is a Malay himself . And he told me and dad something shocking . He said "You cuba fikir , apa itu Malay rights , apa itu NEP ?"

I thought it was a question to be answered . But it was instead an opinion by him . He continued by saying "Apa yang kami dapat ? Tak ada apa langsung !"

I was stunned . It is quite true .

I pity some Malays who did not get what they are suppose to get . A piece of the economic pie that were promised .

Who gets the piece of pie then ?? Hmm . I read the recent scandal exposed by Raja Petra . RM 600 million distributed to all UMNO divisions . Reportedly each division gets RM 3 million !

Sigh . I have heard stories that many UMNO politicians get contracts . Do you think the UMNO heads of division will go work on the contracts ? I doubt it . They will instead employ some Indonesians or foreign workers . Or even sell their contracts to the Chinese or Indians or probably to other Malays .

Probably what my teacher say is right . He claimed that the economic pie was only reserved for the greedy UMNO people .

A very great topic we should look into is National Service . Friends are telling me that the food contracts are lucrative . But what do the trainees get ? Teh ais which taste more like sugar water . Dishes that are mainly vegetables in some camps , mainly beef in some .

Hmm . I don't know . Probably I'm wrong . Lets just say I'm wrong .

But the upper echelons in UMNO , MCA and MIC should not use racial sentiments as a way to jump up to higher ranks . I find it funny when some of them shout about unity in a particular meeting , and when they attend another function or meeting , they turn defensive and racist .

Hmm . I disagree totally with racism . It is the most poisonous pill ever existed in a civilization .
Look at how apartheid destroyed Africa .

It is even shocking to read about YB Ipoh Barat Kulasegaran of DAP being elbowed off the microphone when he raised questions on Maika's 60,000 shareholders who invested in the Telekom shares scandal . Maika Holdings is the investment arm of MIC chaired by Datuk Seri Samy Vellu' son himself .

It is shocking to read so many problems in Maika in the Malaysian Business magazine .

Probably Huaren Holdings have some problems . With the latest issue on total monopoly of the Chinese newspaper by Tan Sri Tiong HK , I wonder what's more .

Media mergers - NSTP and Utusan ? Plantation mergers - Sime Darby , Golden Hope , Guthrie ? What's next ? Petronas and Scomi ?

ECM Libra and CIMB ?

By the way , ECM Libra has a link to Westcomb Financial Group chaired by Datuk Azlan Hashim who is also Proton Chairman . And there was once rumours (probably lies , probably half truths , probably the truth !) that some parties are trying to make Proton bad so that certain parties can takeover Proton as our carmaker has a huge land bank , lots of properties , cash , experties . No idea and I do not want to spread false news . So I'll classify this as rumours .

All right . Lets continue with the killing of competitive environment . Lets see .

Lets merge Public Bank with Maybank . We will be one of the world's largest banks . Probably not enough . Throw in BCB , Bank Simpanan and Hong Leong Bank .

Wow . We would be great !

Hmm . Lets see what else . Merge Naza with Proton and Perodua . Whoa !!

Imagine . We have one of the world's largest bank , one of the world's largest carmaker ! And guess what , we might even have one of the world's largest commission payment !

Well , this reminds me of the many world and national records created in Perlis .

Haha .

All right . Time for my daily exercise . Enough of 'shocks' .

Tata .

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